In this 220th episode I welcome Dr. Wes Ely to the show to discuss his new book, Every Deep Drawn Breath and the personal journey as an intensivist that he took to writing it. We discuss PICS and PICS-F, early mobility, and bringing humanity to the I... Details
In this 219th episode I welcome Dr. Steven Bradley to the show to discuss medical ethics in general and some specific issues that arise in anesthesiology.Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out: Details
In this 218th episode I welcome Dr. Mark Neuman to the show. Dr. Neuman is the PI of the REGAIN trial, published in the NEJM which compared spinal and sedation vs. GA for hip surgery. We discuss the trial and the results.Advertising Inquiries: https:... Details
In this 217th episode I welcome Dr. David Convissar to the show to talk about the landscape of social media resources in anesthesiology education and the pros and cons of using those resources. Advertising Inquiries: Details
In this 216th episode I discuss case reports of using Lipid Emulsion Therapy for Amniotic Fluid Embolus. Big thanks to Dr. Adam Olson for bringing this to my attention!Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out: https://redc... Details
In this 215th episode I welcome Dr. Kia Sedghi and Dr. Stephen Freiberg to the show to discuss tips and tricks for making the transition from training to practice.Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out: https://redcircle... Details
In this 214th episode I welcome back Dr. Gillian Isaac to do another ABA Keyword episode. We review non-depolarizing neuromuscular blockers and myesthenic syndromes.Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out: https://redcirc... Details
In this 213th episode we take the show on the road in front of a live audience at Anesthesiology 2021 in San Diego! I interview Dr. Aditee Ambardekar about her programatic leadership roles at UT Southwestern and the ACGME and we also discuss her prac... Details
In this 212th episode I welcome Dr. Matt Meyer to the show to discuss the environmental impact of modern healthcare including the downsides of Desflurane and how we can make personal and system changes to help the environment.Advertising Inquiries: h... Details
In this 211th episode I welcome Drs. Lorenzo Berra and Roberta Santiago to the show to discuss why traditional one size fits all ventilation approaches are not ideal in an increasingly obese population and how we can optimize our ventilation settings... Details
In this 210th episode I welcome international pain expert Dr. Steve Cohen to the show to discuss pain in general, how we categorize it, how we try to treat it, and what the future holds.Advertising Inquiries: & Opt... Details
In this 209th episode I welcome Dr. John Fiadjoe from Boston Children's Hospital and Harvard Medical School to the show to discuss what we can learn in anesthesiology from behavioral economics theory.Advertising Inquiries: Details
In this 208th episode I welcome Drs. Kopanczyk, Al-Qudsi and Bhatt to the show to discuss RV Failure in COVID-19. We talk about how they are using POCUS to assess R heart function, what the new NBE CCEexam is all about, and the growth of POCUS in Ane... Details
In this 207th episode I welcome back Drs. Essandoh, Graul and Cody to discuss anesthesia for structural heart procedures. We cover the Mitraclip, TAVR and Watchman.Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out: https://redcircl... Details
In this 206th episode I welcome Dr. Derek Fine to the show to discuss the use of CRRT (Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy) in the ICU.Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out: Details
In this 205th episode I welcome Drs. Essandoh, Cody and Graul back to the show to discuss ECMO including significant new technology and devices that have come into play since I last covered ECMO.Advertising Inquiries: Details
In this 204th episode I welcome Dr. Kia Sedghi to the show to discuss the perioperative management of patients with LVADs coming in for non-cardiac surgery.Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out: Details
In this 203rd episode I welcome Dr. Tammy Euliano to the show to discuss how she got involved in writing fiction, how she took her idea all the way to a published novel called Fatal Intent, and how anesthesiologists are portrayed in popular fiction.A... Details
In this 202nd episode I welcome Dr. Matt Wixson, co-founder of RADAR (Raising Anesthesiology Diversity and Anti-Racism) to the show to discuss anti-racism in Anesthesiology.Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out: https:/... Details
In this 201st episode I welcome Dr. Jeff Swenson to the show to discuss his invention of the original adductor canal block and why he is now doing a simplified version.Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out: https://redc... Details