What Adults Don’t Tell You Before You Adult

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There’s no handbook to adulthood. At around the age of 20, many find themselves suddenly thrusted into a world filled with obligations. They find themselves responsible for everything from paying bills to having valuable opinions that contribute to their community.

Our winner for this week is a podcast that helps listeners find solutions to many common problems people coming of age face.

Congrats to What Adults Don’t Tell You Before You Adult for being selected as our Podcast of the Week!

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Here Are the 5 Best Travel Podcasts of 2019

Have you dreamed of traveling across the world and having an adventure climbing the Great Wall of China, exploring the Great Pyramids of Giza or witnessing Niagra Falls? Make your dreams a reality by getting advice from experts.

Our top five lists of travel podcasts help you save money, plan your trip and find the best ways to live some of your most memorable moments on the road.

Check out our lists of our five best travel podcasts of 2019

  1. JUMP With Traveling Jackie
  2. Zero to Travel
  3. Extra Pack of Peanuts
  4. The Thought Card
  5. As Told By Nomads

1. JUMP With Traveling Jackie

Host: Jackie Nourse

What’s JUMP With Traveling Jackie about?   

Win Big with the Fantasy Podcast Study Minute

Study Minute logo

What’s the best way to optimize your daily fantasy line-ups? By following the best managers, analyzing their picks and choosing a strategy that works.

Our podcast of the week for November 11, 2019 helps listeners find strategies that work and learn the best ways to win in daily fantasy sports.

Congrats to the fantasy podcast Study Minute for being a fan favorite!

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What’s Study Minute about?

Study Minute is a daily fantasy podcast offering advice, strategies and reporting on the latest news in fantasy sports. Manny shares his expertise on the NFL and NBA, helping listeners adjust their line-ups and win big-time rewards on apps like Draftkings and Fanduel.    Read More...

6 Best Podcasts for Writers and Authors

Are you an aspiring screenplay, marketing, or fiction author looking for inspiration from podcasts for writers?

Getting advice from the experts can turn your stories and articles from amateur attempts to well-polished masterpieces. The best writing advice comes from the people that are in the trenches, sitting behind the desk, tapping away at the 100,000-word behemoth.

Our list of six best podcasts for writers are looking to help take your stories from boring and dull to action-packed and exciting in no time by offering advice on how to write better.    Read More...

Have You Had Your Morning Toast with Jackie and Girl With No Job?

The Morning Toast podcast logo

A Hilarious Podcast Reporting on the Latest Celeb Gossip!

News travels fast. If you take a day off from listening to celebrity gossip, you’ll miss out on the latest news about who’s having a baby, which celebrities are getting a divorce and who’s the latest to make headlines.

Thanks to the hosts of our featured podcast of the week, fans of celebrities can get the top five most relevant news for the day before they even take a bite of their morning toast.

Congratulations to Morning Toast for earning Podcast of the Week.

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7 Best Vegan Podcasts of 2019

Looking for the best vegan podcasts? We’ve collected some of our favorite plant-based podcasts to represent the spectrum of healthy diets and cruelty-free choices out there moving towards a better lifestyle for all.

Not only are plant-based and vegan diets considered healthier, choosing a diet that’s friendly to animals helps to reduce the environmental and psychological impact a meat-dominated industry can have on our society.

As more members of our society move towards cruelty-free dietary options and the demand for reputable vegan sources increases, we’re finding that more experts have started podcasts to support the growing number of vegans and those that follow a plant-based diet.    Read More...

Explore the Sounds of Horror with PseudoPod

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Ghastly ghouls, terrifying ghosts and mysterious aliens – if you’re looking for the perfect podcast featuring spooky tales for a night filled with frightful screams, then you’ve come to the right place.

Capping off our final feature for October, we have a long-standing podcast that’s been producing quality content since 2006, giving listeners roughly 13 years of chilling stories that will leave you goosebumps!

Congratulations to PseudoPod for winning Podcast of the Week!

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Another 6 Best Scary Podcasts for Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, and what better way to welcome the spookiest holiday of the year with a playlist of scary podcasts.

As with any great fright-filled podcast, each one on our lists are as entertaining as they are eerie.

Here are six more terrifyingly scary podcasts for you to enjoy this October 31st!

  1. Jim Harold’s Campfire True Ghost Stories
  2. Lore
  3. Unexplained
  4. Wrong Station
  5. The White Vault
  6. Family Ghosts

1. Jim Harold’s Campfire True Ghost Stories

Host: Jim Harold

What is Jim Harold’s Campfire True Ghost Stories?

Jim Harold’s Campfire is a podcast that invites listeners from all over the world to share their spookiest experiences with ghosts on the show. Listeners can find a plethora of real-life stories involving everything from ghosts and poltergeists to cryptids and aliens.    Read More...

Enjoy Chilling Stories with Tales to Terrify

tales to terrify podcast logo

Want more spooky tales that will make chills run down your spine? Our podcast of the week features a collection of submission-based horror short stories that will leave you checking underneath your bed for the boogeyman and things that go bump in the night.

Congrats to Tales to Terrify for being ghoulishly awesome!

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What’s This Podcast About?

Tales to Terrify is a collection of wonderfully rich stories of horror and escape. Subscribers get a wide range of unique tales, everything from post-apocalyptic science fiction to present-day stories based on real-life events, all sure to make the hairs on the back of your neck and forearms stand up.    Read More...

How to Listen to Podcasts Without Using Data


If you’re like us, you love listening to podcasts. Unfortunately, you’re not always around Wi-Fi, so you may need to depend on other ways to stream your content. You want to know how to listen to podcasts without using data.

With limited data, podcast streaming can become costly. By the end of the month, not only have you gone over your data, you’ve probably used up some of your parent’s data, too!

What you want is a way you can listen to your podcasts offline without using data. You want to know how to listen to podcast in the car, on a plane or wherever you go. Most are familiar with downloading podcasts onto an app, but there’s another way to listen to podcasts without using data that’s easy and free known as Call-to-Listen.    Read More...