Ransack History Earns Podcast of the Week!

Ransack history podcast logo

When looking through history, many stories from the past leave modern society scratching their heads in disbelief. Did we really have riots over wearing straw hats? Was poison really used by the government to prevent people from breaking the law during the prohibition period?

Our featured podcast is a show bringing listeners hidden treasures from our past and reminding us just how quirky our ancestors have been.

Congratulations to Ransack History for earning podcast of the week for March 23, 2020.

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Demiworld Earns Podcast of the Week!

Demiworld podcast logo

Hundreds of thousands of stories become taboo for discussion, occurring along the fringes of society where the glitz and glamour of modern-day media are absent. While many are comfortable leaving these stories buried, some of us are daring enough to unravel these mysteries and reveal the truth.

Our featured podcast is an audio show unveiling the shroud of the underworld, shedding a light on everything from cryptids and cults to criminals and urban legends.

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Unspookable Earns Podcast of the Week

unspookable podcast logo

Where did Bloody Mary come from? How did Ouija boards become used to contact the dead?

Our featured podcast talks about all things spooky in a family-friendly manner, everything from the Slender Man to Friday the 13th.

Congratulations to Unspookable for earning podcast of the week for March 9, 2020.

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Host: Elise Parisian

What’s the Unspookable about?

The movies of today have everything from zombies and vampires to creepy dolls and mystical mermaids, but where did all these myths and legends come from?    Read More...

7 Best Survival Podcasts for 2020

With so many Armageddon-like scenarios popping up in television, movies and other media, everything from coronavirus outbreaks to zombie invasions, survival preparedness is becoming more popular than ever.

Survivalist experts have found a niche in the podcasting space, offering advice to listeners on how to stay prepared for impending doomsday situations. We’ve put together a list of 7 best survival podcasts to help you prepare for the end of the world.

1. The Survival Podcast

Host: Jack Spirko

What is The Survival Podcast about?   

The Book Review by The New York Times Earns Podcast of the Week

The Book Review by The New York Times podcast logo

Books take readers on an imaginative journey through time and space to wonderous lands far, far away, transporting people to places never before seen to meet people never before met.

Our featured podcast for this week is an interview show that invites a few of the most prolific writers to share insights on some of the best-selling books of our time.

Congratulations to The Book Review by the New York Times for earning podcast of the week for March 2, 2020.

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6 Steps to Create a Content Plan for Podcasts

man generating a content plan for podcasts

Coming up with a content plan for podcasts isn’t easy, but a good content plan can relieve a lot of stress when generating ideas for new episodes.

Content plans can help podcasters in many ways. A good content plan can help your podcast keep track of the topics you’ve already created, brainstorm new topics you’ll want to cover and ensure you’re staying on track for covering those topics in a timely fashion. You’ll also get a birds-eye view of your content for an entire season.

Whether you want to produce podcasts twice a week, once a week, or once a month, a content plan can help you do that. Here are 6 key steps that you want to do to ensure you’re creating a quality content plan for podcasts and staying on top of your game.     Read More...

The Yacht Rock Show Earns Podcast of the Week

The Yacht Rock Show logo

Throughout history, music has inspired many, including several of the artists flooding the Billboards’ top 100 today. Without the musical artists of the past paving the way for future musicians, we wouldn’t have the music we’re rocking out to now!

Our featured podcast takes listeners on a rhythmic voyage through time, playing some of the greatest hits from the late 70s and early 80s.

Congratulations to The Yacht Rock Show for earning podcast of the week for February 24, 2020.

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8 Best Podcasts from the Ringer

The Ringer is one of the biggest podcasting networks today, with podcasts covering topics ranging from sports and movies to politics and technology.

On The Ringer network, listeners can find a collection of experts discussing the latest topics in the media. Its founder, Bill Simmons, is highly regarded as heavily influential, with over 5.8 million followers on Twitter and nearly two decades of experience covering pop culture and sports.

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Hold These Truths with Dan Crenshaw Earns Podcast of the Week

Hold These Truths with Dan Crenshaw

The world is changing fast. With the advent of the internet and globalization quickly on the rise, staying on top of the world’s most important topics isn’t as easy as influencers make it out to be.

Our featured podcast helps listeners unravel the mysteries that govern the globe and help audiences understand complex political topics, everything from capitalism to prescription drugs.

Congratulations to Congressman Dan Crenshaw and his podcast, Hold These Truths with Dan Crenshaw, for earning podcast of the week for February 17, 2020.    Read More...

8 Ways How to Get More Podcast Listeners Quickly

Get more podcast listeners

Every podcaster wants to reach more listeners and grow their audience. With more podcasters than ever, reaching your audience isn’t easy. You’ll need to implement modern tactics to get your brand out in the market and make sure your podcast is visible to all listeners, no matter where they’re listening from or what platforms they use to consume your content.

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