The 10 Best Fantasy Football podcasts in 2020

Football season is fast approaching, and draft day for Fantasy Football fans is on its way. You obviously want to prepare for your league as best you can, and what better way than getting tips from the experts.

Who you should draft depends on the rules of your league – are you playing in a league that’s heavy on passing or running, or are you in a league that rewards players that score the most touchdowns? Fantasy Football podcasts help you make the right acquisitions and decisions to develop a highly competitive team no matter what rules your league manager goes with.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 fantasy football podcasts to help you draft the best NFL fantasy team and manage your squad each week.

1. Fantasy Football Today by CBS Sports

CBS Fantasy Football Today podcast logo

Predicting busts can be game changing. On the one hand, a well-predicted bust can help you avoid low-value pick-ups and secure a win. On the other, a missed prediction can cost you valuable points throughout the season.

Fantasy Football Today covers everything from NFL busts to breakout candidates with analytic-driven proof. Adam Aizer explores fantasy analysis from Dave Richard, Jamey Eisenberg and Heath Cummings, CBS sports journalists. Aizer offers tips on how you can leverage news flying under the radar.

The latest episodes of Fantasy Football Today podcast can be found on Bullhorn.FM:

2. FantasyPros – Fantasy Football Podcast

FantasyPros - Fantasy football podcast logo

FantasyPros is an incredibly robust Fantasy Sports reporting community, covering NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL, as well as Daily Fantasy.

Their Fantasy Football podcast is hosted by Bobby Sylvester and Mike Tagliere, a lively duo that debates the best value players, the best strategies, and the most profitable trades. They explore everything from Cam Newton’s impact on wide receiver value to who’s projected to score touchdowns on a consistent, week-to-week basis.

If you’re looking for a well-produced Fantasy Football podcast discussing the latest news, FantasyPros fits the bill. Find episodes posted every Tuesday and Thursday on

3. The Fantasy Footballers

The Fantasy Footballers podcast logo

Sleepers, value players, and dragon slayers. The Fantasy Footballers podcast covers a wide set of topics, from finding the most underrated performers to deciding who to slot in on a week to week basis. Andy Holloway, Jason Moore, and Mike “The Fantasy Hitman” Wright discuss everything from one-week pick-ups to long-game strategy.

The Fantasy Footballers is a fantasy football podcast that publishes episodes Tuesday and Thursday all year long. Listeners can stay on the cutting-edge months in advance, ensuring the most up-to-date news on their favorite players.

From listening to their conversations, you can tell that this group really loves fantasy football. They enthusiastically debate their opinions and predict who’s to perform best on a week-to-week basis.

You can find their latest podcast here:

4. Fantasy Football Podcasts by 4for4

4for4 fantasy football podcast logo

4for4 produces several fantasy football podcast, so we lumped them all together; one for daily fantasy strategy, another for daily fantasy news, and the last for general fantasy discussion.

DFS MVP is hosted by T.J. Hernandez and Holden Kushner and offers strategy for daily fantasy contests. The goal on this podcast is to help listeners make informed daily fantasy choices and earn players profit on their picks.

Fantasy First covers breaking news affecting players from a fantasy perspective. On any given day, players can be a game-time decision on whether they’ll play, which is extremely important information for fantasy team owners. A DNP player scores 0 points. Knowing when players are out and finding replacement players helps to avoid fantasy owner blunders.

The Most Accurate Podcast is their show discussing major fantasy football topics, from free agency pick-ups to last-minute decisions. Your hosts John Paulsen and Anthony Stalter take a deep dive into fantasy football and bring back valuable strategies to help your team win.

Find all their podcasts on Bullhorn.

5. Dynasty Nerds

Dynasty Nerd fantasy football podcast logo

If you’re looking to join a group of nerds talking about football, Dynasty Nerds is your perfect blend of goofy conversation mixed with real-time analytics. Dynasty Nerds offers free podcasts and articles focused on covering Fantasy Football and helping fantasy owners make the best of their teams. Discussions remain lighthearted and casual, where inside, quick-witted jokes are often and pop-culture references are plentiful.

Rich Dotson hosts Dynasty Nerds with his co-hosts Garret Price and Matt O’Hara. Dynasty Nerds has over 270 episodes and counting. You can look forward to new episodes every Wednesday on Bullhorn.FM:

6. Dynasty War Zone

Dynasty War Zone podcast logo

Produced by the Dynasty Football Network, Dynasty War Zone is your typical Fantasy Football podcast covering NFL from wall to wall. This show checks all the boxes needed for a good podcast: breaking news coverage, prospect projections, and draft assistance.

Their hosts, Memphis and Jerry, take a comprehensive approach to sharing national media coverage on players, discussing interesting articles and how that news affects your fantasy score. Topics range from the best players under 24 years old to breakout prospects.

Find more of episodes from Dynasty War Zone on Bullhorn.FM every Thursday:

7. NFL Talking Heads

NFL Talking Heads fantasy football podcast logo

NFL Talking Heads is a unique edition to football fantasy analysis and podcasts. They offer several tools, like their Trade Analyzer, in addition to their podcast that help GMs optimize their roster.

On the podcast, Jeff Carrier and Seth Lull debate on viable draft strategies and player value. They also discuss topics like fantasy investments, running back covers and breakout candidates.

Subscribe to NFL Talking Heads on Bullhorn.FM for all the latest episodes:

8. Fantasy Feast: NFL Fantasy Football Podcast

Fantasy Feast Podcast logo

Host ex-NFL player Ross Tucker and his co-host, NFL Analyst Evan Silva, break down NFL players and plays on a week-by-week basis. The duo analyzes the nuances of the NFL, exploring topics like how difficult an athletic feat can be to who’s projected to perform best.

Tucker and Silva take an analytical approach to football in general, explaining what live variables can affect your fantasy score in any given week.

Look for more episodes from Fantasy Feat: NFL Fantasy Football Podcast on Bullhorn.FM:

9. NFL Fantasy Live

Podcast logo for NFL Fantasy Live podcast

Want to hear the news straight from the horse’s mouth? The NFL network publishes their own podcast every Wednesday. Hosted by Marcas Grant, Michael Fabiano and Graham Barfield, you can expect to hear discussions about breaking news in the NFL and what that means for fantasy football managers.

Find more NFL Fantasy Live podcasts on Bullhorn.FM:

10. Eat. Sleep. Fantasy. – NFL Fantasy Football Podcast

Eat. Sleep. Fantasy. podcast logo

Mock drafts, daily news updates during the season, and popular culture references all help GMs make the best fantasy decisions while having a good time playing. Eat. Sleep. Fantasy. is hosted by Dale DeMott, Armando Crespo and Christian Brito, a group who takes a laid-back approach to NFL fantasy analysis and opinion.

Before the season, the team researches top options for all positions, from quarterbacks to running backs. While the NFL season is active, you’ll find daily updates on fantasy players, helping managers stay on top of their team given any injuries or red shirts.

Find Eat. Sleep. Fantasy. episodes every day during the season on Bullhorn.

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