10 Best Podcasts for Kids in 2020

Podcasts offer children a new way to get educated and learn valuable lessons while staying entertained. Podcasts aren’t just for adults. Many podcasts for kids are specifically tailored for a younger audience, either by telling creative stories or exploring science discoveries

We’ve come up with 10 of the best podcasts for kids around the internet.

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1. The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian

The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian podcast logo

Yearning for adventure? What to meet new and interesting… aliens and robots? The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian is a sci-fi adventure series written and published by Jonathan Messinger, and edited by his young son, Griffin Messinger.

Prepare to enter a new world filled with fantastical made-up creatures and robots. This podcast is targeted at children ages 5-10, contains no violence and has just the right amount of suspense. Since the series builds on the previous episodes, you’ll want to start at the beginning with episode one.

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2. Brains On!

Brains On! podcast logo

Throw that thinking cap on and get ready for a podcast that’s as much educational as it is entertaining. This isn’t just a podcasts for kids, it’s for everyone.

Brains On! is a podcast that interviews kids and teens about interesting subjects, from “why ants follow a straight line” to “what happens when we get nervous.”

This podcast series reminds me of the 90s television series Bill Nye the Science Guy, offering playful, easy-to-understand dialogue while educating its audience.

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3. What if World – Stories for Kids

What If World - Stories for Kids podcast logo

What if kids loved chores? Or, what if the lunch lady was an octopus and the sky had a mouth?

What If World – Stories for Kids is a podcast that explores these questions, and many other sillier queries, in unique tales created by the host and the podcast’s listeners. Each episode explores a new question presented by its young listeners, allowing them to determine the major plots for each story and building the characters in an interactive, unique way.

Storyteller and host Eric O’Keeffe, a.k.a. Mr. Eric, performs several characters, acting out many roles in creative episodes filled with sound effects and background music.

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4. Story Pirates

Story Pirates podcast logo

Yarr, matey! Story Pirates are here to steal your… imaginary stories!

Story Pirates is a podcast that takes stories written by kids and turns them into sketch comedies and songs performed by experienced professionals. You may recognize some of their more famous Story Pirates; John Stewart, Conan O’Brien and Aubrey Plaza have all been featured on the show.

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5. Tumble

Tumble podcast logo

Do you have a curious, inquisitive mind? Are you always asking questions about why things work or how things came about?

Of all the educational podcasts for kids, Tumble feels more like a field trip rather than a lecture. Listeners follow the hosts through real-life experiences with different science experts. Episodes explore interesting topics, from why we poop to why butterfly wings are so colorful.

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6. Storynory


Fiction stories and myths are an integral part of a person’s childhood. We pass down tales and folklore to the next generation of kids and shape how they view the world, using those stories as moral pillars to teach lessons between good and bad.

Storynory collects stories and Myths from around the world, as well as creates stories of their own, and presents them in episodes on their podcast.

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7. Little Stories for Tiny People: Anytime and Bedtime stories for kids

Little Stories for Tiny People podcast logo

Little Stories. Tiny People. And dozens of unique characters appearing in fresh, moral driven stories that aim to teach children how to deal with everyday things like being sad when we’re sick.

Written, performed, and produce by Rhea Pechter, Little Stories for Tiny People aims to give parents, babysitters and teachers a way to engage children in a new, innovative way without involving screens.

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8. Book Club for Kids

Book Club for Kids! podcast logo

Join groups of children around the world as they read books together and analyze plots. Each episode features new students offering their opinions on different books week to week.

Occasionally, Book Club for Kids will feature a guest speaker, usually a celebrity, to read excerpts from the book.

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9. But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids

But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids podcast logo

If I had to guess what questions kid ask most, it would be “why?”

But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids takes that premise and builds and entire podcast series around it. Episodes explore science-driven questions asked by young listeners and answered by experts. While the podcast is tailored to kids, parents can find this entertaining and educational, too.

If you want your questioned featured on But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids, you can record your audio file and send that to their email at questions@butwhykids.org.

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10. Circle Round

Circle Round podcast logo

Children love made-up stories, it’s a well-known fact. Kids love to use their imagination to learn about the world.

Circle Round is a podcast offering unique stories centered around important moral lessons.

Each episode is performed by a group of voice actors and runs anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes. Stories explore a varying number of impressionable matters, from caring for others to hard work. Following each tale, listeners get a chance to use what they learned in exercises presented by the host. Activities range from recording music to playing brain-stimulating games with friends.

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