13 Best True Crime Podcasts in 2020

Lies, mystery, and murder — true crime podcasts are extremely popular for their revisioning of horrible, real-life events and excellent level of production. We love listening to soothing narration paired with information about intriguing social cases that explore the reasons behind the criminal minds.

At Bullhorn.FM, we’ve gathered 13 of what we think are the best true crime podcasts publishing in 2019. Check our list to find your next binge-worthy true crime podcast, and come back when you’re done with that one!

Here’s a list of 13 of the best true crime podcasts in 2019:

1. Crime Junkie

True crime podcasts, Crime Junkie podcast logo

Ashley Flowers and co-host Brit explore criminal cases related to murder, conspiracy and missing people. Flowers retells each case as a story, produced with background music to induce an ominous ambiance.

Her wealth of experience exploring criminal cases is exemplified through her story-telling style, able to withhold valuable information for dramatic effect. Each podcast comes accompanied by evidence from the related case that’s backed by sources and photos posted on the Crime Junkie website.

Crime Junkie has over 100 episodes that are produced each once every week. You can find more episodes on Bullhorn:

2. Sword and Scale

True crime podcasts, Sword and Scale logo

Originally created by Mike Boudet, Sword and Scale collects shocking stories filled with passion, murder and intrigue, retelling them in well-produced weekly episodes. Sword and Scale covers the “dark underworld of crime” with direct recollections from live witnesses told through the eyes of the narrator.

The producers of Sword and Scale also claim they investigate each case thoroughly, bringing more information than what’s found in news articles and sensational headlines.

With over 130 episodes, you have many stories to keep you on the edge of your seat. Find new and old episodes on Bullhorn:

3. Casefile True Crime

True crime podcasts, Casefile podcast logo

Another podcast that narrates each case in the style of a short story, often going into great detail to develop characters. Hosted by an anonymous man from Australia, Casefile covers solved and unsolved crimes, many of which are stories related to well-known murders or serial crimes.

Casefile first published in 2016 and now has over 100 episodes. Find the latest cases here:

4. The Trail Went Cold

This podcast is a collection of stories narrated by Robin Warder, a screenwriter focusing on crime and mystery.

Many of the stories featured on The Trail Went Cold have criminal tales that have gone unsolved for some time but are later uncovered, often years later. After presenting all the evidence related to the case, Robin shares his theories on the case, why cases may have gone cold and offering his opinion on the crimes.

The Trail Went Cold is a weekly podcast with over 120 episodes. Some of their latest episodes include:

5. Criminal

True crime podcasts, Criminal podcast logo

Podcast listeners tuning in to Criminal join host Phoebe Judge to explore curious crime cases that reveal strange personality traits about humans. The producers at Criminal assume crime is embedded in social, historical, and cultural influences.

This series is well produced, filled with music, sound effects and sound bits from people directly involved with the respective criminal cases. Judge inserts herself as an interviewer at times to further immerse listeners into the story-telling experience.

This twice-monthly podcast launched in 2014, and now has an archive of over 110 episodes. Explore more episodes from Criminal here:

6. In the Dark

True crime podcasts, In the Dark podcast logo

Madeleine Baran hosts In The Dark, a podcast produced by American Public Media with over 25 episodes archived. This podcast series takes an investigative approach to following and telling one story over the course of a season.

The first season follows the abduction of Jacob Wetterling, revealing how law enforcement mishandled the child-abduction case and how that led to an increased fear across the nation about strangers. The most recent series, season two, follows the case of Curtis Flowers, a person charged for the murders of four employees in downtown Winona, Mississippi. Flowers was put on trial six times, but remains on death row despite having multiple trials.

Find out more about Curtis Flowers and Jacob Wetterling by following their podcast on Bullhorn here:

7. My Favorite Murder

True crime podcasts, My Favorite Murder podcast

Join hosts Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark as they explore criminal cases involving serial killers and one-off murders. My Favorite Murder is a conversational approach to revisiting and retelling

Karen and Georgia take a light-hearted approach to hosting this podcast, offering their personality and cracking jokes. On the other hand, they also cover heavier topics in injustice and racism.

My Favorite Murder has over 170 episodes and over 120 minisodes. Looking to listen? We have the latest by Karen and Georgia here:

8. Jensen & Holes The Murder Squad

True crime podcasts, Jensen & Holes The Murder Squad logo

The Murder Squad combines the skills of retired Cold Case Investigator Paul holes and Investigative Journalist Billy Jensen to cover unsolved murders and missing person cases. The host use their years of experience to leverage some of the story elements and offer insights listeners won’t find anywhere else.

Jensen and Hole take a sophisticated approach to true crime podcasts, raising questions in a detective-style manner while engaging in analysis-driven discussion.

Jensen and Holes: The Murder Squad is one of the newer podcast on this list, featuring only a handful of podcast. Use Bullhorn to listen to their latest podcasts:

9. Reveal

Reveal podcast logo

A multiplatform investigative journalism agency, Reveal covers real stories related to injustice and aimed at protecting the most vulnerable members in society. This podcast takes a deep dive into current events and issues that many of us are concerned with today.

Reveal strongly believes they “ignite real-world change” through increasing awareness and discourse. Hosted by Al Letson and various reporters, you can find stories that Reveal has covered here:

10. They Walk Among Us

They Walk Among Us podcast logo

Hosted by husband and wife team Benjamin and Rosanna Fitton, They Walk Among Us is a podcast that showcases crimes committed by people whom the Fittons claim are closest to us. Criminals are everyday neighbors we pass by every day, and They Walk Among Us aims to highlight some of the realities of that horror.

Started in 2016, They Walk Among Us features true crimes found in the UK. Its narrator, Benjamin and Rosanna, narrate these criminal tales with a pleasant British accent. They’ve even develop an audiobook with a similar theme available where major audiobooks are found.

Find their latest podcast here:

11. True Crime All The Time

True Crime All the Time podcast logo

Mike Ferguson and Mike Gibson host True Crime All The Time, a podcast that discusses cases about murder and other thrilling crimes. They broaden the conversation around the cases they cover to questions some of the motives behind the murderers. Ferguson and Gibson recollect the details of each case.

While the subject matter on the podcast is heavy, the conversations between Ferguson and Gibson are light, often cracking jokes or adding their personality to the stories they tell.

True Crime All The Time has over 130 episodes, which you can find here:

12. True Crime Garage

True Crime Garage podcast

Hosted by Nic and The Captain, True Crime Garage has over 300 episodes for listeners to dive into.

This true crime podcast tells chilling recollection of crime stories from all around the world. Episodes are produced with a ominous ambiance, featuring background sounds that enhance the listener’s immersion into the story.

Nic and the Captain paint the entire picture of the crime, giving background on the characters in the case and cover all available details.

Listen to the latest podcasts by True Crime Garage on Bullhorn.

13. Dr. Death

Dr. Death podcast

Dr. Death follows the story of Christopher Duntsch, a spinal surgeon with incredible charm but a history of malpractice. From the producers of Dirty John, Dr. Death is an exciting recollection of the chilling tales a surgeon taking medical practice into his own hands. Patients have either lost movement in their legs or their lives at the hands of Dr. Duntsch.

Dr. Death is one of those podcasts where it’s best to listen from the earliest podcast first. Since this is a linear story, start from one and don’t miss an episode or you’ll be thrown you off.

This podcast is very well produced, complete with background music, sound effects, and first-hand recollections from those who were involved with Dr. Duntsch’s tale. There are only 10 episodes to Dr. Death, so binging the entire series can be done in a few days, or less than a day for hard-core binge-listeners.

Start listening to Dr. Death here:

True crime podcasts are exciting and gripping, leaving listeners at the edge of their seat. Find more of your favorite true crime podcasts on Bullhorn.fm.