Podcast of the year 2021

Bullhorn’s 2021 Podcast Awards

Podcasting is bigger than ever – with more podcast than the entire population of Houston, Texas, there are a lot of options to choose from.

Each year, we feature a handful of podcasters on Bullhorn making amazing content in the community.

Here is Bullhorn’s 2021 Podcast Awards:

GU Unfiltered


Winner: GU Unfiltered

GU Unfiltered was one of the pioneers on Bullhorn, having adopted the platform as early as April 2021. Since starting on Bullhorn, he’s grown his live viewership from 10 listeners to over 150 average unique viewers per episode and over 200,000 total downloads. As a niche podcast about outdoors, UFC, and all things hunting, they’re more than deserving of our prestigious Bullhorn LIVE award.

Nominees: 5 AM Miracle, Master Your Magnetism, Across the Veil, The FYE100 Podcast

Murder With My Husband podcast

True Crime

Winner: Murder With My Husband

Murder With My Husband is a true crime podcast for the true crime lover. The podcast captures the essence of true crime, retelling stories and reliving the facts, while adding the reactions to the mix.   

Nominees: The Jury Room, Swindled, True Consequences, Reverie True Crime

across the veil podcast


Winner: Across the Veil

Across the Veil is a podcast that explores stories about cryptids, spooky tales, and Hollywood representations or horror. They take a deeper dive into your favorite films, giving listeners insights from the point of view of up-and-coming actresses.

Nominees: Least Haunted, Ghouls Next Door, eSpooky Tales, Freaky Folklore

Maintenance Phase podcast


Winner: Maintenance Phase

Maintenance Phase is a podcast helping people get the most out of their situation. Whether you’re looking to live with more mindfulness or eliminate bad habits, Maintenance is the perfect podcast to kickstart your next phase.

Nominees: Empty Inside, Knockin’ Doorz Down, Raising Good Humans, Happier with Gretchen Rubin

Live from Mount Olympus podcast cover


Winner: Live from Mount Olympus

Live from Mount Olympus is a fun podcast that follows the adventures of a young Perseus set out to save his mother from an evil king.

Nominees: Newsy Pooloozi, Power Dog, The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian: Science Fiction for Kids, Purple Rocket

Locatora Radio cover


Winner: Locatora Radio

Locatora Radio is a podcast about Latinx Culture living in Los Angeles. They represent independent women of culture sharing their opinion on subjects like art, business, and everything in between.

Nominees: Hops News, Still Processing, Slate Culture, Iron Culture

Welcome to Reinvention


Winner: Welcome to Reinvention

Welcome to Reinvention is a podcast inspiring business men and women to overcome the challenges holding them back and to pursue their dreams.

Nominees: Before Breakfast, Better Product,

She Will Rock You cover


Winner: She Will Rock You

She Will Rock You is a music podcast about Rock and Roll, its history, and where it’s headed today. Join Bethanne and Leah as they examine the most popular rock songs of our time and the “badass women” behind the music.

Nominees: Infectious Groove, Bizarre Albums, Story Song, It’s a Musical

News and Politics

Winner: Meet Me in the Middle

Meet Me In The Middle is a podcast by CurtCo hosted by Bill Curtis and Jane Albrecht with topics ranging from cyber security to president Biden’s plan in office.

Nominees: Left,Right & Center, Useful Idiots with matt Taibbi and Katie Halper, My History Can Beat Up Your Politics, The Road to Now


Winner: Beach Too Sandy, Water Too Wet

Beach Too Sandy, Water Too Wet is a comedy podcast dramatizing one-star reviews. Reviews are often ridiculous, showcasing how often people make up problems just to have something to complain about.

Nominees: Probably A Podcast, Distorted View Daily, Chad and JT Go Deep, Podcast but Outside