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3 Hours Later Earns Podcast of the Week

Looking to watch or play something new but don’t know that you’ll like it? There is a big chance that these guys have already been there and have some thoughts for you.

Our featured podcast takes a chance on popular culture and brings audiences the rundown on some of the most popular trending topics.

Congratulations to 3 Hours Later for earning podcast of the week!

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What’s the podcast about?

3 Hours Later is a podcast with a simple premise – the hosts take on the challenge to try something new for three hours and return to the podcast with their takeaway. In addition, listeners can find conversations about news related to popular culture in gaming and television.

Its hosts, Alex, Matt, and Hannah, have diverse backgrounds in popular culture, each coming to the table with a unique perspective and always adding to the conversation.

Their conversations help listeners get a good understanding of what it’s like playing or watching new games or new movies, making it easier to sift through the large amount of content being produced today.

Why subscribe to the 3 Hours Later podcast?

If you’re a fan of conversations about popular culture related to video games, movies, and television, you’ll love 3 Hours Later. Its hosts are well-versed in lore ranging from Marvel and Star Wars to Pokémon and Animal Crossing.

Their conversations often bring insights that the average fan wouldn’t normally know about, bringing a greater sophistication to conversations that are often informal debates. The hosts chemistry with one another make each episode a pleasant and enjoyable experience for everyone.

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