Here Are the 5 Best Travel Podcasts of 2020

Have you dreamed of traveling across the world and having an adventure climbing the Great Wall of China, exploring the Great Pyramids of Giza or witnessing Niagra Falls? Make your dreams a reality by getting advice from experts.

Our top five lists of travel podcasts help you save money, plan your trip and find the best ways to live some of your most memorable moments on the road.

Check out our lists of our five best travel podcasts of 2019

  1. JUMP With Traveling Jackie
  2. Zero to Travel
  3. Extra Pack of Peanuts
  4. The Thought Card
  5. As Told By Nomads

1. JUMP With Traveling Jackie

JUMP with Traveling Jackie travel podcasts logo

Host: Jackie Nourse

What’s JUMP With Traveling Jackie about?

Have you ever gone on a trip only to forget to pack your bare essentials, like a toothbrush, socks and underwear?

JUMP with Traveling Jackie is a podcast that helps listeners turn dream destinations into a reality with practical tips on better ways to travel. Traveling Jackie is an experienced traveler, having been on the road for more than 16 years. She’s been traveling since she was 18, having been featured in reputable magazines like Self, Business Insider and Forbes.

The topics she talks about on her show range from the top five practical items to take with you every time you travel to raising kids on the road.

Why subscribe to the JUMP with Traveling Jackie podcast?

The best way to learn new skills is to learn from the experts. Traveling Jackie isn’t just an expert, she’s pushing the boundaries of traveling and showing her listeners how easily you can realize your dreams to travel the world.

If you’re looking for travel podcasts that can help you make the most of your trips, JUMP with Traveling Jackie

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2. Zero to Travel

Zero to Travel podcasts logo

Host: Jason Moore

What is Zero to Travel about?

Travel can fill a life with memorable experiences, but not everyone is comfortable with the idea. Many want-to-be travelers make up excuses on why they can’t travel—“I have pets” or “I don’t have enough money” are common reasons people choose not to travel.

The Zero to Travel podcast shows how anyone can go from never having traveled outside their hometown to becoming a successful nomad with dozens of life-changing experiences to boot.

Jason Moore, host of Zero to Travel, talks about everything from how to retire early and travel the world to the top 20 most beautiful places to travel.

Why subscribe to the Zero to Travel podcast?

Zero to Travel invites guests with great insights on how to get the most of traveling. With hundreds of episodes archived, listeners have a wealth of resources to help them on their journey to becoming a nomad—or just taking a short destination vacation of their dreams.

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3. Extra Pack of Peanuts

Extra pack of peanuts travel podcasts logo

Hosts: Travis and Heather Sherry

What is Extra Pack of Peanuts about?

Everyone knows traveling is costly. Even if you choose to travel on a budget, you’ll still need to cough up a few bucks to get started. You’ll also need a steady income if you plan to keep traveling.

Travis and Heather Sherry, hosts of Extra Pack of Peanuts, help listeners uncover the questions around traveling, like replacing your income with investments and trip budgeting. The Extra Pack of Peanuts podcast can help aspiring travelers go from scraping together a meager trip to getting the best out of their traveling experiences.

Why subscribe to the Extra Pack of Peanuts podcast:

Travis Sherry went from traveling enthusiast to full-time traveling blogger and podcaster. His experience going from an English teacher in Japan to a travel-destination connoisseur will inspire listeners to take their own trips and pen their own stories.

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4. The Thought Card

The Thought Card travel podcasts logo

Hosts: Danielle Desir

What is the Thought Card about?

For many of us, traveling isn’t something that’s easily accomplished. It takes a certain level of commitment to travel comfortably. If you want to have fulfilling trips around the world, you’ll need to make traveling a top priority—that means saving money, creating a budget and staying true to your iron-clad plan for making memories.

Thought Card is a podcast that puts traveling and finance at the top of that priority list, teaching listeners ways to budget for travel while living a “normal” life.

Why subscribe to the Thought Card podcast?

Danielle Desir, the host of the Thought Card, is an experienced traveler who managed to buy her first house at 26. Her experience in finance makes her a reliable resource for tailoring your lifestyle to include travel.

Listen to popular episodes from The Thought Card on Bullhorn:

5. As Told By Nomads

As told by nomads travel podcasts logo

Host: Tayo Rockson

What is As Told by Nomads about?

We all have a story to tell. Some of the most life-changing stories come from traveling to a new place and making once-in-a-lifetime memories.

As Told by Nomads is a podcast that collects these life-changing stories from people all around the world and shares them on a regular basis. The host, Tayo Rockson, invites nomads, entrepreneurs and other successful global influencers to share insights on what they’ve learned throughout their travels and experiences with different cultures.

Why subscribe to As Told by Nomads podcast

The stories on As Told by Nomads are diverse. Each guest has unique insights on their global experience, from how to build a business and travel the world to making authentic connections across cultures.

While not entirely about traveling, the podcast reflects the mentality and lifestyles of many travelers around the world, valuing diversity and difference — something we can definitely appreciate.

Listen to popular episodes from As Told by Nomads on Bullhorn:

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