6 Amazing Minimalist Podcasts for More Mindful Living

What does it mean to be a minimalist? To many, it means living mindfully with less. To others, it could mean living with no excess or waste.

The movement is so widespread, many thought-leaders in minimalism host minimalist podcasts to help people like you take on the challenge of simplifying your life. These minimalist podcasts aim to highlight what it means to practice minimalism as well as encourage listeners to engage in more mindful living.

At Bullhorn.FM, we love podcasters. That’s why we put together this list of six amazing minimalist podcasts for you to enjoy.

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1. The Minimalists Podcast

Minimalists podcasts, The Minimalist podcast logo

The duo that helped popularize the most recent minimalist movement, Joshua Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, is the creative hosts behind The Minimalists podcast. Each episode explores subjects that vary from redirecting creative energy to learning to let go of material possessions.

They host off-the-cuff discussions with other creatives around the minimalist space, as well as explore varying topics in minimalism themselves. They raise questions and progress discourse on meditation, removing attachments and living mindfully. Josh and Ryan often get questions from their audience and let those inquiries drive the focus of their conversation.

With over 180 episodes, you’ll find this weekly podcast has more than enough material to get you started on your journey into minimalism.

Find the latest podcasts by The Minimalists here:

2. Simple

The Art of Simple podcast logo

Founded in 2008, Tsh Oxenreider uses podcasts to raise questions in subjects in life that matter.

These real-life conversations between Tsh and her featured co-hosts for the episode, whether it’s Christine Bailey, Crystal Ellefsen, Andrea Debbink, or Katherine Willis Pershey, explore a broad range of contemporary topics, from relationships, travel and books to technology, religion, and self-care.

This weekly podcast publishes every Friday. Listen to podcasts by Simple here:

3. The Simple Sophisticate

The Simple Sophisticate podcast logo

In her mission statement, she insists that listeners can attain a simply luxurious life when they seek “quality rather than quantity, sensibility rather than frivolity, personal style instead of trendy fashion, and a truly fulfilling life instead of being led around by the nose.”

Through her lectures, she offers the audience insights that she finds in books and life experiences. Her intelligent thoughts on cooking, self-awareness and authenticity encourage readers to take a more considerate approach to their life and help them find self-confidence.

Find more episodes from The Simple Sophisticate here:

4. Optimal Living Daily

minimalists podcasts, Optimal Living Daily podcast

Optimal Living Daily takes tales from bloggers around the web and retells their anecdotes for their audience.

This daily podcast encourages listeners to live with greater intent by telling real-life stories published by creatives and mindful leaders. Produced by Justin Malik, Lee Rankinen and their team, Optimal Living Daily explores topics in personal development and minimalism, spreading positive messages for subscribers.

Optimal Living Daily has over 1000 episodes and has published podcasts since 2016. Most of their podcasts are less than 10 minutes, so you can easily listen to one of their episodes on your commute to work or during your break.

Find some of the latest podcast by Optimal Living Daily here:

5. A Slob Comes Clean

A Slob Comes Clean podcast logo

Dana K. White, host of A Slob Comes Clean, shares her “deslobification” experience, offering practical tips and tricks for listeners who don’t love cleaning or organizing.

She uses her experiences at home to talk about how to take care of laundry, dishes and other house-cleaning chores so you can maintain a clutter-free life.

A Slob Comes Clean is a weekly podcast with over 200 episodes archived.

Want more episodes from A Slob Comes Clean? Find them here

6. The Ground Up Show

Minimalists podcasts, The Ground Up Show podcast logo

Another awesome creative in the minimalist space, Matt D’Avella is a popular YouTuber and film producer that focuses on helping his followers find more productivity and mindfulness in their life.

Matt interviews big-name influencers to gather inspiration and advice on how to improve various skills in different spaces. He talks about the challenges of being creative and how to make sense of success.

Matt filmed the Netflix documentary special the Minimalist with Joshua and Ryan. With over 100 episodes, you’re sure to find an interview with a content creator you recognize.

Subscribe to The Ground Up Show and listen to the latest podcasts here:

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