6 More Scary Podcasts for Halloween

Can’t get enough of scary podcasts in October? Neither can we!

As the countdown to Halloween continues, horror enthusiasts are enjoying all the thrilling, scary stories shared all over the internet. We’ve collected six more of our favorite horror-themed podcasts for October for your listening enjoyment.

Warning: we recommend using a nightlight when listening after dark.

Good luck getting to sleep!

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1. Welcome to Night Vale

Hosts: Cecil Gershwin Palmer

Welcome to Night Vale podcast logo

What is Welcome to Night Vale about?

A small desert town where all conspiracies are true and listeners are never out of interesting tea to spill.

Welcome to Night Vale is a fictional podcast that’s presented like a non-fiction radio show. When picking up Welcome to Night Vale for the first time, listeners are thrusted into a suspicious town urging its residents to follow the rules.

The narrator takes a casual tone when reporting the happenings of Night Vale, developing an ominous, leaving listeners feeling apprehensive of the motives behind the people living in the town.

Why subscribe to Welcome to Night Vale?

If you’re into conspiracies, alternative realities and unique-yet-odd concepts about society, Night Vale is right up your alley.

With Welcome to Night Vale, they suggest jumping right into the latest episode. Listeners will easily catch on to the style of the podcast.

The podcast publishes twice a month. Listen to popular episodes of Welcome to Vale on Bullhorn:

2. Sawbones

Sawbones podcast logo

Hosts: Dr. Sydnee McElroy and Justin McElroy

What is Sawbones about?

While not exactly labeled as “scary,” some of the realities Sawbones reveal in their podcasts can be quite frightening. The podcast unveils many of the misconceptions around medicine and reviews moments in history where our medical judgement wasn’t always the best.

Did you know that leeches were used in Bloodletting, a process that is believed to remove impurities from the blood to maintain a more youthful appearance?

Why subscribe to Sawbones?

If you’re into history, any type of history, Sawbones might just be the next podcast you’re looking to binge. Dr. Sydnee McElroy and her husband Justin McElroy share an insightful conversation around the history of medicine and how its affected contemporary medical practices today.

Sawbones has developed a cult following since it began back in 2013, having published episodes every week for over six years.

Catch popular episodes of Sawbones on Bullhorn:

3. Otis Jiry’s Scary Stories Told in the Dark

Otis Jiry's Scary Stories Told in the Dark scary podcast logo

Hosts: Otis Jiry

What’s Otis Jiry’s Scary Stories Told in the Dark about?

Have you ever told a ghost story in in the pitch-black of night with the only light illuminating from the campfire? Otis Jiry’s Scary Stories Told in the Dark emulates that experience with a collection of frightening tales that are sure to keep you up at night.

Each week, a new collection of short stories are narrated by the familiar storyteller, Otis Jiry. Stories come from a range of published authors and contributors from their parent company, the Simply Scary podcast network.

Why subscribe to Otis Jiry’s Scary Stories Told in the Dark?

If you’re into chilling stories and spooky fiction reminiscent of Goosebumps or Tales from the Crypt, Otis Jiry’s Scary Stories Told in the Dark is just for you.

Listeners can dive into hundreds of hours of well-written stories, each as startling as the last.

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4. The Magnus Archives

The Magnus Archives scary podcast logo

Hosts: Jonathan Sims

What is The Magnus Archives about?

If you’re into British television and scary films, you’ll absolutely love the Magnus Archives. This fiction podcast is produced with a plethora of experienced voice actors and post-production sounds to develop the ambiance for listeners and get them into a dark and gloomy mood.

Each episode tackles a fresh terrifying tale from the archive of the Magnus Institute, each recreated by the Rusty Quill team for your modern listening enjoyment.

Why subscribe to the Magnus Archives?

The team behind the Rusty Quill are passionate about adopting old stories into a new, exciting way. Each episode is crafted with the listener’s experience in mind.

Each voice actor and post-production contributor adds to the charm of the podcast, making for a memorable thirty minutes each week.

Find popular stories by The Magnus Archives on Bullhorn:

5. Horror Movie Talk

Horror Movie Talk scary podcasts logo

Hosts: Bryce Hanson and David Day

What’s Horror Movie Talk about?

If you’re familiar with the “Spoopy” memes all over the internet that emerge around October, you know a little about the personality behind Horror Movie Talk.

Horror Movie Talk is hosted by Bryce Hanson and David Day, two self proclaimed professors of Horror and all things spoopy. The podcast reviews new and classic horror films, giving listeners an overview of the film while adding their own honest, entertaining opinion.

Why subscribe to Horror Movie Talk?

If you’re into films like IT, Child’s Play and Evil Dead, this podcast is a must subscribe. The production team behind Horror Movie Talk reviews new and old films, both good and “horror-ble.”

Horror Movie Talk is a weekly podcast. Subscribe on Bullhorn:

6. My Neighbors Are Dead

My Neighbors Are Dead podcast logo

Host: Adam Peacock

What’s My Neighbors Are Dead about?

My Neighbors Are Dead is not your typical podcast about scary movies. Everyone knows about the Freddys and Jasons of horror movies, but what about the foils and complementary characters that don’t get as much screen time?

Adam Peacock and his featured guests, who are usually people involved with making the films, act out an interview with one of the lesser-known characters you’ll find in the movies. Each podcast dives into the characters lives in an improv-style presentation.

Why subscribe to My Neighbors Are Dead?

My Neighbors Are Dead is a comedy podcast exploring the world of scary films as if they were real, but through the eyes of the characters that were indirectly involved. Each episode is hilariously witty, keeping listeners laughing at the ridiculous lifestyles these characters have had to live.

Listen to popular episodes of My Neighbors Are Dead on Bullhorn:

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