7 Best Investing Podcasts of 2020

A key component to achieving financial freedom is making sound investments and learning to make your money work for you. But investing can be scary. How do you navigate the sea of countless financial institutions all vying for a piece of your hard-earned money in hopes of profit?

By listening to the right experts and analyst of course.

We’ve put together seven of our favorite investing podcasts for all stages and styles of investing, from day trading to long-term investing.

Here’s our seven best investing podcasts of 2019

1.We Study Billionaires

Hosts: Preston Pysh and Stig Brodersen

What is We Study Billionaires about?

We Study Billionaires podcast logo for investing podcasts

Preston and Stig interview wealthy investors and entrepreneurs with the goal of educating audiences to the nuances of how to choose successful businesses to invest.

We Study Billionaires is the flagship podcast of The Investor’s Podcast Network, with more than 30 million downloads.

Preston and Stig have studied dozens of business masterminds, including self-made billionaires from Warren Buffet to Ray Dalio. We Study Billionaires are never short on valuable content from brilliant investors.

Why we like We Study Billionaires:

Most successful investors and entrepreneurs have something in common. Preston and Stig aim to shine a light on those patterns to help listeners make wiser investments and make better decisions themselves.

The conversations on We Study Billionaires with thought leaders are incredibly revealing. Listeners are always sure to find fresh information with each new episode.

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2. Invest like the Best

Host: Patrick O’Shaughnessy

What is Invest Like the Best about?

Invest like the Best is more for the advanced investor that understand the nuances running an enterprise.

Patrick invites reputable investors to discuss topics from contemporary news to memoirs of their investment history. Guests aren’t shy about the topics they discuss, giving listeners robust insights into how companies make profits and how they reuse that capital.

What sets Invest Like A Boss apart from the rest of the investing podcasts is it’s practical advice and straightforward conversations.

What we like about Invest Like the Best:

The conversations between Patrick and his guests are valuable, to say the least. Each guest brings a unique perspective to investing strategies, shining a light on core investment philosophies and ensuring listeners have a full understanding of the risks and rewards that comes with investing.

Listeners can appreciate the level of detail each guest goes into, as Patrick seems to know the right questions to ask to give listeners the most valuable information possible.

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3. Money For the Rest of Us

Host: David Stein

What is Money for the Rest of Us About?

Money for the rest of us podcast logo

Once a high-profile financial manager, David Stein is now most concerned with managing his remaining resources to ensure a comfortable retirement. David’s goal with the Money For the Rest of Us investing podcast is to create a community around investing where others can feel comfortable sharing their opinions about personal investment strategies.

Each episode goes in detail about different investment topics, from how to become wealthy to what happens if the U.S. interest rates turn negative. David helps small investors weigh the cost and benefits of investing and make an informed decision on where to invest.

Why We Like Money For The Rest of Us:

David uses his life as an example for many of the lessons he teaches to his audience. Listening to his anecdotes makes each lesson on Money for the Rest of Us more practical and easier to understand. With David’s help, listeners can imagine the cost-risk-reward of buying products or services when those concepts are placed in the context of real-life situations.

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4.Invest like A Boss

Hosts: Sam Marks and Johnny FD

What’s Invest Like A Boss About?

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Invest Like A Boss is not your average investing podcasts. Sam and Johnny are digital nomads, traveling the world and enjoying life while still publishing a twice-monthly investment podcast.

Sam and Johnny are both investors that emphasize passive income to experience more in life. They discuss everything related to financial independence, from how to generate passive income to reevaluating you index investments to maximize your yearly income.

Invest Like A Boss is a practical investing podcast teaching listeners how to increase their revenue streams while building their wealth.

Why we like Invest Like A Boss:

Tons of people dream of financial independence. Even fewer people actually make it. Sam and Johnny are living proof that financial independence is possible by making wise lifestyle changes and investing intelligently.

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5.Chat With Traders

Hosts: Aaron Fifield

What’s Chat with Traders About?

Chat with Traders podcast logo

Aaron Fifield first became interested in trading in 2012, but it wasn’t until 2015 that he would really start to earn his investing chops. Since then, he’s reached out to dozens of investors and invited them on his investment podcast, Chat With Traders, to discuss their philosophies behind investing and share their insights.

Chat With Traders is a look into the lives of investors everywhere, from billionaires to your average retail employee. Each interview offers unique ideas that help listeners understand the different styles of investing and trading stocks. Guests vary from day traders to lifetime-buy-and-hold investors, and everything in between.

Why we like about Chat with Traders:

Aaron Fifield took a passion and turned in into a career.

6.InvestED Podcast

Hosts: Phil Town & Danielle Town

What’s the InvestED podcast about?

InvestED Podcast logo

Phil Town, author of Rule #1 Investing, and his daughter, Danielle Town, discuss popular topics in investing, from finding investments strategies that never go out of style to behavioral economics.

InvestED podcast is a straight-forward weekly show that hosts conversations about anything having to do with investing. Phil and Danielle will often look at reputable investors, like Charles Monger and Warren Buffet, to analyze their successes and offer insights on how they achieved that success.

Why we like about the InvestED podcast:

While many investing podcasts will appeal to audiences by focusing on click-bait and trendy topics, Phil and Danielle are aim at providing audiences with valuable advice that can be beneficial for a lifetime.

The father-daughter dynamic forms a unique teacher-student structure on each episode. Phil developes each lesson organically as he response to the queries presented by Danielle.

The conversations between Phil and Danielle are honest and refreshing, giving listeners real-world strategies that have been proven time and time again.

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7.Rule Breaker Investing

Hosts: David Gardner, co-founder of The Motley Fool

What’s this Rule Breaker Investing About?

Rule Breaker Investing podcast

The Motley Fool is a reputable publication offering insights and reports into investments all around the world. All types of investors, from day traders to value investors, rely on the Motley Fool for accurate reporting and educated predictions.

The Rule Breaker Investing podcast is an extension of the professionalism behind the Motley Fool, hosting conversations about timely topics and evergreen strategies. Listeners can look to Rule Breaker Investing podcast for brilliant wisdom from experienced investors and reporters, helping them more informed decisions behind investments.

Why we like about this Rule Breaker Investing:

Rule Breaker Investing has been around since July of 2015 and has launched a weekly show without fail. David Gardner is reliable to say the least, able to offer his listeners fresh information week after week.

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