7 Best Vegan Podcasts of 2020

Looking for the best vegan podcasts? We’ve collected some of our favorite plant-based podcasts to represent the spectrum of healthy diets and cruelty-free choices out there moving towards a better lifestyle for all.

Not only are plant-based and vegan diets considered healthier, choosing a diet that’s friendly to animals helps to reduce the environmental and psychological impact a meat-dominated industry can have on our society.

As more members of our society move towards cruelty-free dietary options and the demand for reputable vegan sources increases, we’re finding that more experts have started podcasts to support the growing number of vegans and those that follow a plant-based diet.

Here’s our list for the best plant-based podcasts of 2019

  1. No Meat Athlete
  2. Main Street Vegan
  3. The Bearded Vegans
  4. Vegan Warrior Princess Attack
  5. Nutrition Rounds Podcast
  6. Food for Thought: The Joys and Benefits of Living Vegan
  7. The Rich Roll Podcast

1. No Meat Athlete

No meat athlete vegan podcasts logo
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Host: Matt Frazier

What is this No Meat Athlete about?

Started in No Meat Athlete in 2009, around the same time he became a vegetarian. Since then, Matt’s gone vegan, ran a few marathons and produced hundreds of episodes of NMA.

No Meat Athlete is a podcast that shares their opinion on diet and health from the perspective of ultramarathon runners and other athletes finding their fuel predominantly from plant-based options.

In addition to topics in athleticism, Matt often discusses lifestyle topics in productivity and simple living.

Why subscribe to the No Meat Athlete podcast?

No Meat Athlete has covered almost everything involving food and athleticism. Matt conducts interviews with experts and explores topics in news to give listeners better insights into the world of athletes that depend on plant-based food instead of meat.

Matt, along with many members of his team, are themselves athletes. Their experiences and network of contacts puts them at the forefront of the rising trend of veganism in sports.

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2. Main Street Vegan

Main Street Vegan podcasts logo

Host: Victoria Moran

What’s Main Street Vegan about?

Main Street Vegan is a podcast that discusses the spectrum of veganism, everything from choosing what foods to put in your diet to making cruelty-free decisions.

Victoria Moran invites experts in veganism to offer their insights to listeners and help them navigate through the lifechanging experience.

This podcast is great for listeners just getting into veganism or those that have been vegans for some time.

Why subscribe to the Main Street Vegan podcast:

The Main Street Vegan podcast holds a special place in my heart. That’s because its host, Victoria Moran, wrote a book also titled “Main Street Vegan” that enlightened me on how to be a better vegan. In her book, she compiles the conversations she’s had with experts and presents them in a neatly collected fashion.

Both her book and her podcast help new and long-time vegans find a place in today’s meat-dominant society.

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3. The Bearded Vegans

The Bearded Vegans podcast logo

Host: Paul Steller and Andy Tabar

What is The Bearded Vegans about?

The Bearded Vegans is a hip podcast dissecting all things vegan, everything from what they put in their diets to the latest topics running headlines. Your bearded hosts go beyond the basics of veganism and explore plant-based topics with greater analysis than you would find with your typical vegan.

Steller and Tabar isn’t afraid to talk about controversial topics, like what happens when plant-based options flood fast food restaurants and should children be vegan?

Why subscribe to the Bearded Vegans podcast?

These hosts are passionate about veganism. The way they describe plant-based foods leaves listeners craving for more content.

Each episode takes a deep dive into the most relevant topics in veganism from the perspective of seasoned experts and connoisseurs of real food.

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4. Vegan Warrior Princesses Attack

Host: Nichole and Callie

What is Vegan Warrior Princesses Attack about?

Vegan Warrior Princesses Attack is an awesome weekly podcast that shares opinions on popular topics in the news from a vegan’s point of view. Nichole and Callie talk about everything from violence in media to self-identity, discussing how they respond from the perspective of a long-time vegan.

Warning: this podcast isn’t for kids. Nichole and Callie pride themselves on their unfiltered point of view, making for passionate conversations that don’t exactly meet the standards of the politically correct.

Why subscribe the Vegan Warrior Princesses Attack podcast?

When you listen to Nichole and Callie have a conversation, you know they’re passionate about their opinions, putting together well-thought arguments in favor of their beliefs.

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5. Nutrition Rounds Podcast

Host: Dr. Danielle Belardo

Nutrition rounds podcast logo

What is Nutrition Rounds about?

Nutrition Rounds Podcast is a semi-monthly audio show helping listeners learn about plant-based nutrition by conducting experiments and sharing new-found studies. Dr. Danielle Belardo, the host of Nutrition Rounds, hopes to inspire and empower her listeners to live their most nutritious life with every episode, using research to back her claims.

Her extensive understanding of the science behind nutrition helps listeners make sense of which headlines to read and navigate our grocery stories through a critical, vegan lens.

Why subscribe to the Nutrition Rounds podcast?

This podcast is highly technical, and that’s part of its charm. Dr. Belardo plants her claims firmly into evidence she’s experienced firsthand. While episodes can come sporadically, the value behind each episode is well worth the wait.

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6. Food For Thought: The Joys and Benefits of Living Vegan

Host: Colleen Patrick Goudreau

Food for thought podcast logo

What is Food For Thought about?

What is it actually like to be a vegan? Which types of containers should you use? Where should you shop for clothes? What affect can your choices as a vegan have on the people around you?

Food For Thought: The Joys and Benefits of Living Vegan is a monthly podcast that shares what it’s like to be a vegan in today’s society. Colleen Patrick Gourdreau, the host of Food For Thought, is an advocate for cruelty-free ways of life, promoting compassionate and empathy towards animals with every episode. Colleen discusses the culinary, social, ethical and practical aspects of living a plant-based diet free from animal products, offering opinions on debatable subjects and advice for new and long-time vegans.

Why subscribe to the Food for Thought Podcast?

Colleen’s podcast is primarily supported by listener contributions. Her influence reaches people all over the world, helping them make better choices

We can definitely appreciate individuals helping to make a difference in the world by using their platform as a stage for promoting a compassionate way of life.

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7. The Rich Roll Podcast

Host: Rich Roll

The Rich Roll podcast logo

What is The Rick Roll Podcast about?

What does it take to be an ultra-athlete? If you think you could just wake up tomorrow ready to run a marathon without having put in the training, get ready for a rude awakening. Self-improvement takes hard work and dedication.

While the Rich Roll Podcast isn’t exactly a vegan podcast, but the sentiment behind Rich Roll’s conversations reflect many values that are like veganism. Since Rich lives on a predominantly plant-based diet himself, his podcast offers an amazing perspective from a vegan without making veganism the forefront of the conversation.

His podcast discusses everything from how not to compromise your growth to the impact of meatless burgers on the planet.

Why subscribe to The Rich Roll Podcast?

We love the Rich Roll podcast because it teaches vegans how to be a good vegan without directly addressing plant-based topics. The conversations he has with his guests feel very natural, offering value to listeners

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