7 Very Best Video Game Podcasts

Looking for the best video game podcasts to add to your playlist?

The video game market has grown into a multi-billion-dollar industry spanning across the globe. Video games have made such an impact on our culture, becoming a professional video game player is now a viable career path for many born after the turn of the millennium.

With so many great games coming out, we’ve also got a handful of amazing gaming podcasts every gamer should know about.

We’ve put together a list of 7 best video game podcasts for 2020

1. What’s Good Games: A Video Game Podcast

What's good games podcast logo

Hosts: AndreaRene, Brittney Brombacher and Kristine Steimer

What is What’s Good Games about?

What’s Good Games is a weekly gaming podcast dedicated to bringing listeners the latest news and opinions on video games. Hosts Andrea, Brittney and Kristine are tenured gamers sharing their analysis about the gaming industry and highlighting popular trends.

Their combined knowledge of the gaming industry make these hosts absolute experts in the field, with over a decade of first-hand experience in the Call-of-Duty trenches, headphones strapped and sticks in hand. Each host brings a prolific gaming background to the round table, where they come together to give a comprehensive look at what games gamers should add to their libraries.

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What’s Good Games is a girl-powered podcast that brings together a host of charming video-game personalities in a comedy audio show. Each episode delivers a short report on what’s happening in the video game industry and offers a detailed opinion where each hosts offers an in-depth analysis of their experience with the game.

If you’re into video games, What’s Good Games is a must-listen-to podcast.

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2. Kinda Funny Gamescast

Kinda Funny Gamescast video game podcasts logo

Hosts: Tim Gettys and Greg Miller

What is Kinda Funny Gamescast about?

Video games span across several genres, appealing to all different types of people with different personalities and interests.

Tim and Greg, hosts of Kinda Funny Gamescast, are two gamers with a wide palate for video games, dedicated to getting their hands on the most popular games circulating the gaming industry and delivering their opinions.

These hosts cover the entire spectrum of console gaming, everything from PS4 to Xbox.

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If you’re looking for an off-the-cuff conversation about what’s popular in video games, Kinda Funny Gamescast is right up your alley.

Tim and Greg are true gamers, putting in hours of gaming time to deliver their analysis to listeners and help them decide which games to invest in and which to hold back from.

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3. Podcast Beyond

Podcast Beyond logo

Hosts: Jonathon Dornbush

What is Podcast Beyond about?

Sony’s PlayStation is one of the most beloved gaming consoles of this generation. During the console wars of the 2000s, dedicated PlayStation fans all around the world sung praise as gamers received over two decades worth of high-quality games that pushed the boundaries of the gaming industry.

Podcast Beyond is a weekly audio show dedicated to discussing all things PlayStation, from rumors about the upcoming PlayStation 5 controller design to hands-on gameplay for popular games like The Last of Us Part 2.

Host Jonathon Dornbush invites Max Scoville, Brian Altano and other IGN editors each week to share their analysis on the latest news in games.

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The first episode of Podcast Beyond aired in 2007, deriving its title from PlayStation 3’s ad campaign, “PLAY B3YOND.” The show has since produced over 600 episodes, covering what seems like the entire scope of the Sony PlayStation console. With over 10 years of podcasting under their belt and countless hours beyond the screen, Jonathon Dornbush is one of the most reliable podcasting personalities bringing listeners Playstation news.

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4. Cane and Rinse

Cane and Rinse video game podcasts logo

Hosts: Ryan Hamann and Chris O’Regan

What is Cane and Rinse about?

For many, playing video games is associated with fond memories of our childhood. Video games have shaped our generation’s idea of entertainment and are integral to modern cultures all over the world.

Cane and Rinse is a podcast going through the library of titles throughout our gaming history and delivering a detailed report on all there is to know about each featured game. Hosts Ryan and Chris discuss things like when the game was released, who worked and published the game and how the game impacted gaming culture from then on.

On each episode, the hosts come together to share things like their first experience with the game, things they learned and whether the game holds up to the test of time.

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Playing classic video games leads to memories of nostalgia. Many of us remember that beautiful Christmas morning where crumpled wrapping paper littered the living room floor and cheers of glee and excitement filled the house as parents captured video footage of children holding their prized PlayStation and Nintendo gaming consoles.

Cane and Rinse take us back to those times and offer context to how the games came about and how that influenced how we enjoy games today.

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5. Waypoint Radio

Waypoint Radio video game podcasts logo

Hosts: Austin Walker, Danielle Riendeau, Rob Zacny, Patrick Klepek, and Natalie Watson

What is Waypoint Radio about?

Waypoint Radio is a podcast produced by VICE and hosted by five gamers who also happen to be experienced journalists. Austin, Danielle, Rob, Patrick and Natalie get together two time a week to discuss the latest news in gaming, shedding some light on parts of the industry that the casual, and sometimes the veteran, gamer may not know about.

With a company like VICE supporting the Waypoint Radio podcast, listeners are almost guaranteed well-produced episodes two time a week.

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Unlike other podcasts that report on the gaming industry, Waypoint Radio has the resources to dive into video games and give listeners a comprehensive overview of video game companies and game releases. You can expect Way Point Radio to reveal insights about your favorite titles that you won’t find anywhere else.

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6. Retronauts

Retronauts video game podcasts logo

Hosts: Jeremy Parish and Bob Mackey

What is Retronauts about?

As games age, so does its audience. Looking back, certain games throughout history left a lasting impression on the gaming industry and shaped how we look at games today.

Retronauts is a podcast that takes listeners back to when these games were published and offers a historical look at each title. Hosts Jeremy and Bob get together each week with a historic video game title where they take a deep dive into its past and how it influenced games and gaming culture.

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Like the podcast Cane and Rinse, Retronauts uncovers everything listeners want to know about the video games history, from its influences to how it influenced gamers during the time.

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7. The Polygon Show

The Polygon show podcasts logo

Hosts: Simone de Rochefort, Chelsea Stark and Allegra Frank

What is The Polygon Show about?

What happens when you put three experienced woman gamers with goofy personalities together and make them create a podcast—you get The Polygon Show.

The Polygon Show is a weekly gaming podcast by Vox Media discussing news and controversies in video games and video-game culture. Hosts Simone, Chelsea and Allegra talk about what’s weird in the world of video games and their experience with popular titles.

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If you’re a casual gamer that enjoys playing video games as part of a community, the Polygon Show is the perfect podcast to add to your playlist. Join Simone, Chelsea and Allegra each Friday for an off-the-cuff conversation about all things there is to love about video games.

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