8 Best Fitness Podcasts of 2022

Health and fitness podcasts aren’t just for the professional athletes and Instagram models. Anyone can feel and look better by putting in just a little more effort towards eating healthy and exercising regularly.

If you want to get fit, it’s best to get advice from the experts. After all, many of the fitness veterans have been in your shoes before, having gone through the hardships of getting started and putting in the work day after day.

We’ve put together a list of the 8 best fitness podcasts of 2022 to help you on your journey to living your best life.

1. Food Psych

Food Psych podcast logo

Host: Christy Harrison

What is Food Psych about?

Ourfood choices are very personal, so much so that entire cultures are defined by the food that they eat. It’s not easy to eliminate unhealthy eating habits and improve your health, but it’s achievable.

Food Psych is a podcast that helps listeners make better decisions around food and make the experience of preparing food and eating an intuitive one.

Christy Harrison, host of Food Psych, discusses the connection between diet, health and natural responses to eating, enlightening listeners to more practical, sustainable lifestyles.

Why subscribe to the Food Psych podcast:

Food is the foundation of our health. We eat to fuel our bodies and heal from the stresses of the day.

Having a good relationship with food encourages positive responses to eating, making it more likely that one would adopt healthier habits and improve their general fitness. Food Psych teaches this sentiment with each episode they publish.

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2. The Jillian Michaels Show

The Jillian Michaels Show fitness podcasts logo

Host: Jillian Michaels

What is the Jillian Michaels Show about?

Jillian Michaels is a long-time veteran in fitness, having earned her first certificate in 1993. If you’re familiar with Jillian Michaels, whether you’ve seen her on television or YouTube, read one of her books or even taken one of her classes, then you’ll know exactly what to expect on her podcast.

On the Jillian Michaels Show, listeners get conversations on everything there is about modern fitness. You’ll find topics from the secret of mastering aging to the science of burning fat.

Her national popularity and reach give her the resources to invite leading experts in fitness to shed some light – no pun intended – on the most recent findings in fitness.

Why subscribe to the Jillian Michaels Show podcast?

Jillian is one that practices what she preaches. Her podcast offers an unfiltered version of Jillian Michaels where she can go in depth on topics that are more personal to her. She frequents talking about her experience with each topic and share her opinions on the matter.

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3. FoundMyFitness

FoundMyFitness podcast logo

Host: Rhonda Patrick, PhD

What is FoundMyFitness about?

Even if you can’t see it, your body constantly breaks down and builds muscles using the foods we eat. Many of the changes that happen in fitness takes place on a microscopic level and can be explained using science.

Dr. Rhonda Patrick, host of FoundMyFitness, is a scientist with a fascination on the effects of micronutrient inadequacies on metabolism, inflammation, DNA damage and aging. Her research uncovers important findings in nutrition where she translates the complex information into digestible everyday language

Why subscribe to the FoundMyFitness podcast?

For many, evidence plays a crucial factor in providing the value of fitness-related activities. Since the field of fitness science is still challenged daily, having a reliable resource to turn to can be crucial to a person’s willingness to continue with their health-improving effort.

Dr. Rhonda Patrick is that resource. She puts every health trend and topic under a microscope where she can examine the subject in detail and give listeners an easy-to-understand overview.

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4. The Dumbbells

The Dumbbells podcast logo

Hosts: Eugene Cordero and Ryan Stanger

What is The Dumbbells about?

Working out is highly self-dependent. Finding the motivation, building the willpower and mustering up the energy to visit the gym and workout is not an easy task.

The Dumbbells is a fitness podcast that puts a practical spin on working out. Hosts Eugene and Ryan use their podcasting platform to help listeners prioritize training regularly and eating healthy to help improve their fitness.

Each episode focuses on various topics related to training and fitness, from eating enough to sensible eating. They use themselves to measure the success of their training philosophies, recording episodes dedicated to weighing themselves and checking in with their community on a monthly basis.

Why listen to the Dumbbells podcast?

The personality behind Dumbbells is very down-to-earth, making it a podcast that’s easy to understand. Eugene and Ryan will often invite fitness experts to their podcast to offer their opinions and share personal insights on their experience with training and nutrition.

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5. Food Heaven Podcast

Food Heaven the Podcast

Hosts: Wendy Lopez and Jessica Jones

What is Food Heaven Podcast about?

Sticking to a healthy diet can be much more difficult if you don’t cook or at least know where to find a good source for healthy foods.

The Food Heaven Podcast is a weekly show inviting leaders in nutrition where they discuss topics ranging from owning your style at any size to why everyone can use therapy.

Both Jess and Wendy are registered dieticians and hold Master’s degrees in Nutrition. Their expertise in building a healthy diet spills beyond their podcast and onto their website where you can find dozens more resources on diet and nutrition.

Why listen to the Food Heaven Podcast?

Not only are Wendy and Jess experts on nutrition, they’re wonderful podcasts hosts. Their on-pod personality makes each episode incredibly enjoyable to listen to and very informative.

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6. Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth

Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth podcast logo

Host: Adam Schafer, Sal Di Stefano, Justin Andrews

What is Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth about?

When most people hear “fitness,” they think gym rats, dumbbells and “chasing the pump”—courtesy of one of our most favorite fitness champs, Arnold Schwarzenegger. MindPump fits that stereotype by giving listeners an in-depth rundown on all things shedding fat and building muscle.

Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth is a podcast and online radio show dedicated to enlightening listeners to better ways of training and recovering, discussing everything from lifting weight and intense workouts to diets and supplementation.

Why subscribe to Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth

Mind Pump has over 1,000 episodes, giving listeners what seems like an endless amount of material to binge. The podcast publishes almost daily, taking only a few days off here and there to recover from their podcast-workout.

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7. The Wellness Mama Podcast

The Wellness Mama podcast logo

Host: Katie Wells

What is Wellness Mama about?

Not all fitness junkies are athletes. Many fitness junkies are everyday moms and dads overseeing nutrition for their entire family.

The Wellness Mama podcast offers practical health and nutrition advice for moms, dads and other head-of-the-household types in charge of caring for their family. Listeners can expect to find a host of topics, from making a personalized birth plan to the effects of better sleep.

Katie, host of the Wellness Mama podcast, invites seasoned experts in the field of nutrition, health and fitness to share insights and enlighten listeners to better ways to shop, cook and feed their families.

Why subscribe to the Wellness Mama Podcast?

As with all the podcasts we’ve featured on this list, the wealth of information about nutrition and fitness that you can find on the Wellness Mama is bountiful. Katie dives into a wide variety of topics, making for both an entertaining and informative listening experience.

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8. Fat-Burning Man with Abel James

Fat-Burning Man

Host: Abel James

What is Fat-Burning Man by Abel James: The Future of Health & Performance about?

Finding the right information on health and fitness isn’t easy. There’s more misinformation out in the world than ever before. Sifting through articles to find reputable resources can be a full-time job, making it hard for the average jane to easily adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Fat-Burning Man by Abel James is a podcast that invites nutritionists, trainers and seasoned specialists in health and fitness to share their authority on different fitness-related subjects.

While listeners can find a wealth of information on exercising and working out on his podcast, Abel James focuses heavily on food and achieving sustainable results.

Why subscribe to the Fat-Burning Man by Abel James podcast?

The subjects Abel James discusses with his guest cover a broad range of topics in health, from how to get better sleep to how fasting can affect brain health. Listeners that tune into the Fat-Burning Man by Abel James podcast are sure to find a dependable, comprehensive resource for shedding the pounds and achieving their fitness goals.

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