8 Best Podcasts from the Ringer

The Ringer is one of the biggest podcasting networks today, with podcasts covering topics ranging from sports and movies to politics and technology.

On The Ringer network, listeners can find a collection of experts discussing the latest topics in the media. Its founder, Bill Simmons, is highly regarded as heavily influential, with over 5.8 million followers on Twitter and nearly two decades of experience covering pop culture and sports.

We’ve put together some of the most popular podcasts from his network. Here are the 8 best podcasts from The Ringer.

1. The Bill Simmons Podcast

The Bill Simmons podcast logo from The Ringer

Host: Bill Simmons

What is The Bill Simmons Podcast about?

The most popular and widely listened to podcast from The Ringer is none other than the founder, Bill Simmons.

On The Bill Simmons Podcast, listeners will find conversations about everything in sports and popular culture, from the NBA and NFL to popular films and music.

No topic is off the table with Bill Simmons. He invites amazing guests like Billy Bob Thornton and Chuck Klosterman to share their opinions on modern sports.

Why subscribe to The Bill Simmons Podcast?

Bill Simmons launched his sports writing career with ESPN in 2001. He’s been following sports for over two decades, becoming an expert in all major sports, everything from the MLB to NHL.

His opinions on sports are generally well thought out, offering great insights into the game and analyzing from perspectives that are often overlooked.

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2. The Ringer NBA Show

Host: Kevin O’Connor and Chris Vernon

The Ringer NBA Show

What is The Ringer NBA Show about?

Basketball is quickly becoming the globes most popular sport right behind soccer. Whether it’s because of the fast-paced action or high-flying physical feats, fans of the sport are emerging from all walks of life.

The Ringer NBA Show is a podcast that discusses all the major trends from the National Basketball Association, covering everything from the day-to-day news about the regular season to summer acquisitions.

Why subscribe to The Ringer NBA Show podcast?

Hosts Kevin O’ Connor and Chris Vernon are NBA experts. Kevin O’Connor is an NBA analyst with a wealth of knowledge about the game, publishing well-received content since 2014.

Chris Vernon is an NBA aficionado, who’s also the host of The Chris Vernon Show for Grind City Media and the Grizzlies Live pre- and post-game show for Fox Sports.

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3. The Rewatchables

Host: Bill Simmons and a roundtable of hosts

The Rewatchables from the Ringer podcast logo

What is The Rewatchables about?

Some movies go down in history as culture-defining, either for its redeeming qualities or its shortcomings.

The Rewatchables is a podcast hosted by Bill Simmons and a roundtable of guests taking a second look at many iconic films and offering a modern perspective. They re-watch everything from Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation to Stephen King’s Novel The Shining to Remember the Titans starring Denzel Washington.

Why subscribe to The Rewatchables podcast?

Watching a film the second time around gives audiences much better insights in to the nitty-gritty details of the movie. What’s more, getting a modern perspective on a classic film can often highlight different aspects that were never noticed during its initial release.

The Rewatchables is an amazing podcast for movie connoisseurs looking for more reasons to take another look at some of their favorite films of the past.

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4. Larry Wilmore: Black on the Air

Larry Wilmore: Black on the Air podcast logo from The Ringer

Host: Larry Wilmore

What is Larry Wilmore: Black on the Air about?

American pop culture is a hodgepodge of a plethora of different ethnic backgrounds coming together under one nation.

Larry Wilmore: Black on the Air is a podcast discussing the most relevant popular culture topics of the week, talking about everything from politics to sports. Larry Wilmore invites a wide range of popular influences, everyone from politicians to actors, to offer insights on a variety of subjects from refreshing points of view.

Why subscribe to the Larry Wilmore: Black on the Air podcast?

Larry Wilmore is an American actor and the creator of the classic comedy sitcom The Bernie Mac Show and co-creator of the animated comedy The PJs. He’s worked on several other classic sitcoms, including The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and The Jamie Foxx Show.

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5. The Ringer NFL Show

The Ringer NFL Show podcast logo

Host: Robert Mays and Kevin Clark

What is The Ringer NFL Show about?

American Football is widely regarded as highly entertaining for its simple-to-understand game design and its extraordinary athletic highlight reels. The Superbowl is one of the most-watched television shows each year, reaching over 100 million viewers annually.

The Ringer NFL Show, hosted by Robert Mays and Kevin Clark, presents the most pressing topics surrounding the National Football League, discussing everything from trade acquisitions to pre-season predictions.

Why subscribe to The Ringer NFL Show podcast?

If you’re a fan of football, The Ringer NFL Show is a must-listen-to podcast. Their entertaining conversations offer new insights on trending topics, often highlighting aspects about the game that haven’t been looked at before, such as which teams will define the offseason and who are likely to have a breakout season.

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6. The Press Box (formally Channel 33)

The Press Box podcast logo from The Ringer

Host: Bryan Curtis and David Shoemaker

What is The Press Box about?

In the age of information, news travels fast. There’s more news in the world than any one person can keep up with, making it hard to stay on top of the trending topics that are most pressing.

The Press Box is a podcast covering the media’s top headlines, everything from political debates to news related to popular culture. Bryan Curtis and David Shoemaker offering listeners well-informed opinions on a handful of hot topics flooding news stations and twitter feeds.

Why subscribe to The Press Box podcast?

With more information available than ever before, it’s not easy staying on top of what really matters. Bryan Curtis and David Shoemaker give listeners a bird-eye view of the most talked-about topics happening today.

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7. Bachelor Party

Host: Juliet Litman

Bachelor Party podcast logo

What is Bachelor Party about?

The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor in Paradise are a few of the most-watched television shows across the nation. Fans of the hit reality TV series absolutely love hearing all the gossip involved with the cast, everything from marriages to breakups.

The Bachelor Party is a show hosted by Juliet Litman discussing all things The Bachelor. Litman invites other super fans and cast members from the show to spill the tea on the hottest gossip, giving listeners everything they’re been craving for, from behind-the-scenes insights on what happens when cameras aren’t rolling to what happens to the cast after the season ends.

Why subscribe to the Bachelor Party podcast?

If you’re a fan of The Bachelor like most, you’ll absolutely love the Bachelor Party podcast. Juliet Litman an American journalist and head of production at the Ringer. Her experience in journalism gives her a collection of skills that help her unravel the nuances of The Bachelor series that listeners can greatly appreciate.

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8. Against All Odds with Cousin Sal

Host: Sal lacono

Against All Odds with Cousin Sal

What is Against All Odds with Cousin Sal about?

Now that sports-related gambling is allowed, there are more people than ever joining in on the action.

Against All Odds with Cousin Sal is a sports-betting podcast that analyses which positions are likely to win listeners cash. Sal lacono, host of the podcast, offers his opinions on everything from NFL and NHL to the NBA and MLB.

Why subscribe to the Against All Odds with Cousin Sal 1podcast?

Betting on your favorite sports team may not always be the best decision, especially if it’s a team that’s currently in the midst of a losing season. Cousin Sal can help listeners decide which teams are most likely to win by offering insights that can sway the course of the game, discussing everything from injuries to match-up analysis.

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