8 Best Science Podcasts of 2022

Ever wonder how long until the sun burns out? Or what about whether we’re alone in the universe?

Science is embedded all around us, driving our curiosity and actions. We use science to explain how climate is changing and to determine viable solutions to prolong our earth’s natural resources. We even use science to explain why our eggs go from clear to white (it’s because science).

The studies that come from science are fascinating, to say the least, and our featured science podcasts are bringing listeners the best, most intriguing science-fueled conversations.

We’ve collected eight of the best science podcasts of 2022. Listen on Bullhorn:

1. Science Rules! With Bill Nye

Science Rules! With Bill Nye podcast logo

Hosts: Bill Nye

What’s Science VS about?

Do you remember Bill Nye the Science Guy from back in the day, the one that invites children to his show to perform sketch comedy bits while teaching audiences about science? Well he’s back with a podcast about, you guessed it, science!

Science Rules! With Bill Nye is a podcast that explores everything from psychopaths to evolution, helping listeners learn more about the world we live in. Bill invites experts to explore scientific topics and then invites listeners to ask topic-specific questions to explore those subjects further.

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Who doesn’t love Bill Nye? And now he’s unfiltered, asking more inquisitive questions and exploring more of the scientific universe.

Bill Nye is a pillar in popularizing science and continues that effort with each episode of Science Rules! With Bill Nye.

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2. StarTalk

StarTalk podcast logo

Hosts: Neil deGrasse Tyson

What’s Science VS about?

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, like Bill, is another pillar of science in popular culture. Communities adore Neil deGrasse Tyson’s personality and abundance of scientific information. While Neil focuses mostly on studying science related to space and the cosmos, his podcast explores a vast range of topics in science. Listeners can expect conversations about things from the universe to what science has to do with love.

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Not only do listeners get Neil deGrasse Tyson on StarTalk, they get a whole roster of reputable experts, like Stephen Hawking, Kelly Clarkson and Larry King.

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3. Houston We Have a Podcast

Houston We Have a Podcast logo

Hosts: Gary Jordan

What’s Houston We Have a Podcast about?

NASA is the capital of all space exploration in the US. Everything we know about contemporary science related to space comes through NASA.

Gary Jordan invites astronauts and experts to explore the fascinating topics related to what happens at NASA, everything from space crash testing to Apollo 11.

Houston We Have a Podcast is the official podcast of NASA, publishing episodes every week.

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Are you thinking of becoming an astronaut? Or maybe you’re just curious about space. No matter your motives about learning more about the universe, Houston We Have a Podcast, along with Neil deGrasse Tyson’s StarTalk, serves as a headquarters for all space-related science.


4. Science VS

Science VS podcast logo

Host: Wendy Zukerman

What’s Science VS about?

Science can be surprising. Many of us have grown up with a certain perspective that drive our actions and leads us to perform habits like exercising and eating breakfast. But what if I told you exercise doesn’t actually help you lose weight?

Science VS aims to break many common misconceptions we have about science and change the way our society thinks.

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The team behind Science VS is always looking for new and exciting scientific information to blow the minds of its listeners. Each episode explores popular topics and invites experts for interviews about their understanding of the subjects. Often, the scientists that are invited to the podcast reveal surprising information and evidence from studies to prove against popular belief.

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5. Discovery

Discovery by BBC podcast logo

Hosts: Various Hosts

What’s Discovery about?

BBC is one of the most reputable publications in the world, producing everything from contemporary news to long-form exposés. The team behind the Discovery podcast have a robust budget, able to travel to locations around the world to explore different topics about science in real life. Matthew Hill frequents trips to places like Philadelphia, Sri Lanka, and London to explore science today, and how different aspects of our environment impact our lives.

The topics covered on each episode is thoroughly researched, offering a plethora of information to listeners.

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While many podcasts fall under a similar style of podcasting where a hosts will invite experts for interviews, BBC takes it a step further and goes to where the experts work and researching their topics for a longer period of time. What listeners get are well-produced episodes each week covering the entirety of the topic with no off-topic conversations or tangents.

If you’re looking for straight-forward science, Discovery by BBC has you covered.

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6. Hidden Brain

Hidden Brain podcast logo
Hidden Brain

Hosts: Shankar Vedantam

What’s Hidden Brain about?

NPR’s one of the bigger podcast companies producing a plethora of high-quality shows, like How I Built This, Planet Money, and Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!

Hidden Brain follows that trend with their own well-produced episodes exploring some of the more interesting topics in science, like whether you should have the right to sell parts of your body or how awards can have a positive impact on a person’s behavior.

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Hidden Brain is not short of great content, each episode being as fascinating as the last. Shankar Vedantam interviews authors and scientists about relevant topics that have a basis in science.

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7. Science Friday

Science Friday podcast logo

Hosts: Ira Flatow

What’s Science Friday VS about?

Life is fueled by science. Scientific studies tell us the affects of vaping or what to do to preserve endangering species.

Science Friday explores the contemporary topics in science that people should be paying attention to if they’re interested in making a difference in the future. Each episode reports on current events, from the decreasing bird population to how AI is influencing law enforcement.

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Science Friday by WNYC Studios is pushing important information out into the headphones of podcast listeners, increasing awareness for important matters like climate change. Each week, listeners get the pleasure of exploring relevant scientific topics with scientific experts in varying fields.

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8. Stuff to Blow Your Mind

Stuff to Blow Your Mind podcast logo

Hosts: Robert Lamb and Joe McCormick

What’s Stuff to Blow Your Mind about?

Science is all around us. The most fascinating science topics are concepts that are right under our noses but we know nothing about.

No topic is off limits here. Stuff to Blow Your Mind Covers things from the increasing concern for amphibian wildlife to surfing Neanderthals.

Stuff to Blow Your Mind is produced by iHeart radio, publishing 3-4 episodes each week.

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Like with any of the aforementioned science podcasts, Stuff to Blow Your Mind explores interesting science-related topics using findings, research and interviews as evidence. What makes this podcast different are the topics that are addressed.

Stuff to Blow Your Mind focuses on more of the quirky aspects of science, bringing listeners exclusive discussions on even the most off-the-wall subjects.

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