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Action Addicts Earns Podcast of the Week

Action movies are among our culture’s favorite genre of films. People all over the world look up to action heroes like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson for their bravery and their fierce presence on screen.

If you’re a fan of action movies like the 1985 classic Commando and Copshop (2021), you’ll love our featured podcast.

Action Addicts earns podcast of the week for March 28, 2022.

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What’s the podcast about?

Action Addicts is a movie review podcast that takes a look into popular action films.

Its host, Scott Wiley, invites other action-movie fans onto the show to talk about the most exciting scenes, the best performances, and their favorite movies.

Their conversations dive into the nitty gritty of each action movie, unraveling an actor’s impact on the film, how their roles fit with the characters, and how well the movies captured the audience’s attention with incredible stories and explosive visuals.

Why subscribe to the Action Addicts podcast?

If you’re a fan of thrilling car chases, riveting gun fights, and seat-shaking explosions, Action Addicts is the podcast for you.

Action Addicts is a lively, fun time with guests. Listeners get the pleasure of joining the hosts as they dissect each film and unpack films in great detail.

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