Another 6 Best Scary Podcasts for Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, and what better way to welcome the spookiest holiday of the year with a playlist of scary podcasts.

As with any great fright-filled podcast, each one on our lists are as entertaining as they are eerie.

Here are six more terrifyingly scary podcasts for you to enjoy this October 31st!

  1. Jim Harold’s Campfire True Ghost Stories
  2. Lore
  3. Unexplained
  4. Wrong Station
  5. The White Vault
  6. Family Ghosts

1. Jim Harold’s Campfire True Ghost Stories

Jim Harold's Campfire True Ghost Stories scary podcasts logo

Host: Jim Harold

What is Jim Harold’s Campfire True Ghost Stories?

Jim Harold’s Campfire is a podcast that invites listeners from all over the world to share their spookiest experiences with ghosts on the show. Listeners can find a plethora of real-life stories involving everything from ghosts and poltergeists to cryptids and aliens.

Each caller tells personal recollections of moments in their lives when they had a paranormal experience. Tales follow the storyteller as he or she takes listeners through every little detail that led them to believe they had been face-to-face with a ghost, alien or mysterious figure of some sort. After each story, Jim suggests how the story may be true, but leaves it up to listeners to determine whether the stories are true.

Why should you subscribe to Jim Harold’s Campfire True Ghost Stories?

If you did a search on Google for “true ghost stories,” you’ll get lists of popular tales that you’ve probably heard a few times before.

When you subscribe to Jim Harold’s Campfire, you get a weekly dose of fresh, never-before-heard spooky stories you won’t find anywhere else.

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2. Lore 

Lore podcast logo

Host: Aaron Mahnke

What is Lore about?

Lore is a narrative-style podcast focused on the spookier side of history. Episode of lore detail different creatures, places or moments in history that are both frightening and fascinating. 

Each terrifying tale dives deep into the evidence surrounding the subject, giving listeners a complete scope of what makes these parts of our history so terrifying. 

What makes Lore incredibly intriguing are the true elements of each episode. While some ideas may be unbelievable to some listeners, the looming notion that every word the host, Aaron, speaks has a basis on true events gives each episode a constant lingering feeling of dread.

Why subscribe to Lore?

If you love listening to spooky folklore, Lore has plenty of content to binge. The series has expanded to include a television series and book series that are based on the same idea that made the podcast so captivating in the first place. 

You can catch episodes of the Lore podcast twice a month. 

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3. Unexplained

Unexplained podcast logo

Host: Richard MacLean Smith 

What is Unexplained about?

Unexplained is a podcast featuring a collection of chilling tales in our history shrouded in mystery and thrill.

Each episode takes listeners on a narrative journey following central characters key to the tale as they recollect their experience from a first-person’s perspective. The stories are true, and though they’ve been researched and documented in history books many times over, the reasons behind why these events took place are still left unexplained.

Why subscribe to the Unexplained podcast?

Richard MacLean takes a spooky approach to narrating the tales featured on Unexplained, creating an ambiance similar to something you’d find around a campfire at midnight. 

Episodes are well produced with eerie background music and thematic sound effects to immerse listeners into an imaginative true recollection. 

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4. Wrong Station

The Wrong Station podcast logo

Creators: Anthony Botelho, Alexander Saxton and Jacob Duarte Spiel

What is Wrong Station about?

Wrong Station is a radio-style story-telling podcast sharing chilling tales of fiction that leave listeners sleeping with their lights on.

Each episode features a new well-crafted fiction story about ghouls, ghosts, and other things that go bump in the night. Stories are strange and bizarre, satisfying lovers of tales that would normally disturb any other person.

Why subscribe to the Wrong Station podcast?

If you can’t get enough horrifying fantasies that transport listeners from their safe bedroom into a world filled with monstrous creatures and cold, ominous places, tune into the Wrong Station.

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5. The White Vault

The White Vault scary podcasts logo

Hosts: K. A. Statz

What is The White Vault about?

The White Vault is a fictional podcast that’s presented in a recorded-journal style that follows a research team sent to the arctics to unravel the mysteries behind an unexplained beacon signal.

Each episode is performed by experienced voice actors and produced by a team of prolific sound engineers that transport listeners to a chilling journey of thrills and strange events.

Why subscribe to The White Vault podcast?

What sets The White Vault apart from other scary podcasts is its unique delivery, taking the great elements of a story-telling podcast and blending them with an audio journal-style delivery.

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6. Family Ghosts

Family Ghosts scary podcasts logo

Host: Sam Dingman

What is Family Ghosts about?

Family Ghosts takes an investigative approach to telling the stories of the haunting relatives of our past who have been remembered for their horrific deeds. 

Each episode follows the tale of a person who has left a haunting impression on their family. These stories have been passed down from one generation to the next, now getting an in-depth look into its history and lore.

The team behind Family Ghosts presents recollections from key characters surrounding the person of legend, telling the story through a narrative.

Why should you subscribe to the Family Ghosts podcast?

There are dozens of podcasts based on true stories, but nothing that explores the depths of a person’s family history quite like Family Ghosts. Each episode is as intriguing as it is spooky, leaving listeners longing for more terrifying tales of haunting, dead family members.

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