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Ask Win Earns Podcast of the Week on Bullhorn

Every person’s life is met with a handful of challenges unique to them. However, it is how each of us overcomes these obstacles that we find similarities and comfort in one another’s stories.

Our featured podcast for this week is an interview show sharing conversations on how to win and conquer life’s challenges, highlighting how we can find inspiration and motivations from each other’s anecdotes.

Congratulations to Win Kelly Charles of Ask Win for earning podcast of the week for February 3, 2020.

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Host: Win Kelly Charles

What is Ask Win about?

It’s tough enough to make it as a creative artist in a world filled with tremendous talent. Win Kelly Charles has managed to publish a handful of books, host a podcast and gain the support of dozens of creatives despite having Cerebral Palsy, an achievement only few and far between have accomplished.

Ask Win is a podcast inspiring listeners to achieve their goals through encouraging discussions with creatives around the nation, with a strong focus on sharing conversations with storytellers, writers, publishers, journalist and podcasters.

Win’s mission is to help others with physical or mental disabilities achieve their dreams despite what complications or complexities they may face. Her story of overcoming life with Cerebral Palsy and absolutely crushing her hardships will inspire any listener to make the most of their life.

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Her book, I, Win: My Journey With Cerebral Palsy in a Non-Disabled World has been met with resounding praise on Amazon. She’s inspired many to take on their goals with a head full of steam regardless of what challenges their individual lives may face.

Win Kelly Charles is an animated monument of the success people can have when they put their minds to manifesting their ambition.

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