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Freudian Scripts Earns Podcast of the Week

Freudian Scripts podcast logo

The best movies showcase human nature in a manner that relates to its audience and fuels the story forward.

Our featured podcast reviews movies and television shows with an analytical lens on human psychology, unraveling the characters’ motives and psychoanalyzing their actions. Drs. Sam and Fran are two psychologists sharing their perspectives on some of the most popular films and TV series of today.

Congratulations to Freudian Scripts for earning Podcast of the Week for October 19, 2020.

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FriGay the 13th Horror Podcast Earns Podcast of the Week!

FriGay the 13th Horror Podcast logo

With October comes a slew of spooky stories, Halloween decorations and scary movies. Horror is among the most popular genres around the world, carving its place in popular culture.

For this week’s featured podcast, we’re following the horror theme and showcasing an entertaining and eclectic podcast that leaves listeners shaking in their cowboy boots.

Congrats to FriGay the 13th Horror Podcast for earning podcast of the week for October 12, 2020.

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The Happiness Lab Earns Podcast of the Week

The Happiness Lab podcast

If you ask most people what they want from life, many would confidently say “I want to be happy.” That’s because happiness is universal. We associate happiness with pleasant times and joyful memories. But what does it take for someone to be happy?

Our featured podcast opens the conversation on what it takes to be happy using science as evidence.

Congrats to the Happiness Lab for earning podcast of the week!

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What’s the podcast about?

Happiness is a strong emotion that comes from positive experiences and joyous memories. Many spend a lifetime pursuing happiness, making it their life’s purpose to find happiness from years of hard work. But is that the right way to seize happiness when the opportunity is presented?     Read More...

Supernatural with Ashley Flowers Earns Podcast of the Week

Supernatural with Ashley Flowers podcast logo

Not all mysteries can be explained using evidence and accountability. Some mysteries are so unbelievable, many suggest that the phenomena come as a result of something supernatural or extraterrestrial. 

Ashley Flowers, creator and host of Crime Junkie, joins Parcast to release a brand-new podcast our team here at Bullhorn can’t get enough of.

Congrats to Supernatural with Ashley Flowers for earning Podcast of the Week for September 28, 2020.

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27 Club Earns Podcast of the Week

27 Club podcast logo

If you’ve heard of the 27 Club, it has certainly piqued your interest about its coincidences and conspiracies.

The 27 Club is a shortlist of actors, musicians and other artists that died at the age of 27. While many of the conspiracy theories surrounding the 27 Club have been disproven by scientific studies, the 27 Club remains a cultural phenomenon many still talk about today.

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Office Ladies Earns Podcast of the Week

Office Ladies podcast logo

The Office, one of the most loved television series of our generation, has been greatly missed since the final season aired in 2013.

As a tribute to the iconic television series, Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsley, better known as Pam Beesly and Angela Martin from the television show, get together each week to reminisce on their favorite episodes on a podcast fans are sure to love.

Congratulations to Office Ladies for earning Podcast of the Week for September 14, 2020.

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Fake Doctors, Real Friends Earns Podcast of the Week

Fake doctors real friends podcast logo

Scrubs is a highly regarded TV series that ran for nine seasons from 2001 to 2010. Throughout the series, Zach Braff and Donald Faison played JD and Turk, a pair of newly added residents joining the Sacred Heart Hospital who quickly become close companions on and off the screen.

Fake Doctors, Real Friends is a podcast hosted by Zach and Donald, two individuals who played best friends in a hit TV series and became best friends in real life.

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On Second Watch Earns podcast of the Week!

On Second Watch podcast logo

Movies either age like a fine wine or spoil over time. Re-watching your favorite movies from the past can lead to new discoveries you forgot happened on your first watch.

Our featured podcast is hosted by four friends re-watching classics and sharing their 21st-century perspective.

Congratulations to On Second Watch for earning podcast of the week for August 31, 2020.

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What is the podcast about?

Sitting down in a movie theater in 1977 to watch Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope for the first time was a unique experience that left an entire generation of movie lovers in a state of jaw-dropping astonishment.     Read More...

Suburban Folk Earns Podcast of the Week

Suburban Folk podcast logo

Living in suburbia is living the American dream. After getting married, many buy a house and move in with their family to start a new life focused on raising kids and settling down.

But living in the suburbs comes with a lot of unexpected changes.

Our featured podcast talks about everything related to living in suburban neighborhoods, from how to react to schools reopening after COVID to being a good dad.

Congratulations to Suburban Folk for earning podcast of the week for August 24, 2020

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Phoebe Reads A Mystery Earns Podcast of the Week

Phoebe Reads a Mystery podcast logo

Phoebe Judge, best known for her work on Criminal, is one of the most recognized voices in all of podcasting. Her fans love her for her soothing voice and engaging narrative tone.

Our featured podcast expands on her work and highlights what she was made famous for—her voice.

Congrats to Phoebe Judge and her new podcast Phoebe Reads a Mystery for earning podcast of the week for August 17, 2020.

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What’s the podcast about?

Criminal, a Webby podcast award winner in 2018, 2019 and 2020, is one of the most widely listened-to podcasts of our generation. As such, its narrator, Phoebe Judge, has gained a tremendous following from her role as the narrator.     Read More...