8 Best Podcasts from Barstool Sports

Barstool Sports has quickly become one of the most listened to podcasting companies around. Many of their podcasts are hilarious and unapologetically honest, making for some of the best audio shows in all of podcasting.

If you’re looking for unique, off-the-cuff conversations with you’ll quickly find a podcast that’s right for you on Barstools long list of awesome shows.

We’ve put together a list of 8 of the best podcasts from barstool sports. Subscribe on Bullhorn.

1. Pardon My Take

Pardon my take podcast logo barstool sports

Hosts: Dan “Big Cat” Katz & Eric Sollenberger, a.k.a “PFT Commenter”

What is Pardon My Take about?

A big part of sports is the passionate fanbase. Not only do the fans contribute to the culture around sports, they’re a major part of why players receive the appraise that they do and perform on the biggest stages.

Pardon My Take is an extension of sports fans all around the country. Big Cat & PFT Commenter, hosts of Pardon My Take, embody what it means to be a genuine sports fan, following the most critically defining plays and debating controversies with one another in an off-the-cuff, comedic manner.

Why subscribe to the Pardon My Take podcast?

Traditional sports news often takes on a level formality that doesn’t quite reflect a fan’s sentiment around the hottest topics.

Pardon My Takes throws all the formalities out the window and sits down with listeners to address the news and controversies you won’t find from your typical sports newscaster.

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2. Call Her Daddy

Call Her Daddy podcast logo barstool sports

Hosts: Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn

What is Call Her Daddy about?

Today’s dating culture has changed dramatically in the last five to ten years. With the advent of online dating and the shift towards equal rights for men and women, many have liberated themselves from societal constraints and preconceived notions about sexuality and relationships.

Call Her Daddy is a raunchy talk show offering advice to listeners in their 20s and 30s exploring modern dating. While you won’t find any reputable advice on how to keep a healthy, functional marriage, Sofia and Alex, hosts of Call Her Daddy, are brutally honest about what it means to date in the 21st century.

Why subscribe to the Call Her Daddy podcast?

Let me first say that this show isn’t for kids or teens. Alex and Sofia are two young adults sharing their dating experience in a manner that’s hilarious and often vulgar. These two don’t hold anything back when discussing topics about sex, relationships and navigating 21st-century dating culture.

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3. The Corp

The Corp podcast logo barstool sports

Hosts: Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez and Dan “Big Cat” Katz

What is The Corp about?

Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez was one of the elite players in baseball, having played alongside the Captain, Derek Jeter, on the New York Yankees from 2004 until his retirement in 2016. He’s a 14x All-Star and 3X MVP while also being an integral part of the 2009 World Series Championship over the Philadelphia Phillies.

The Corp is an interview podcast that invites the best of the best to discuss various topics about success and what it takes to become great. Along with host Big Cat of Pardon My Take, they’ve interviewed many big-name influencers, from Michael Rubin, co-owner of the Philadelphia 76ers, to Gary Vee, entrepreneur and major internet personality.

Why subscribe to The Corp podcast?

To achieve success in any field, finding the right mentors is crucial. The Corp invites industry masterminds to share their thoughts on success and offer advice to listeners everywhere.

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4. Spittin Chiclets

Spitting Chiclets podcast logo barstool sports

Hosts: Ryan Whitney, Paul Bissonnette and Brian “Rear Admiral” McGonagle

What is Spittin Chiclets about?

Fans of hockey understand the level of difficulty and determination to be successful in the sport.

Spittin Chiclets is the premier talk show discussing the latest news in the NHL. Brian McGonagle joins former NHL veterans Ryan Whitney and Paul Bissonnette to analyze all things hockey, everything from general manager changes to up-and-coming all-stars.

Why subscribe to the Spittin Chiclets podcast?

Hockey is a rough, exciting sport mixing the hard-hitting highlights of football and rugby with the grace and finesse of sports like soccer and basketball.

Spittin Chiclets is the go-to podcast for listeners looking for an open-ended, honest conversation and analysis on the current state of the NHL.

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5. Chicks in the Office

Chicks in the Office podcast logo barstool sports

Hosts: Ria Ciuffo and Fran Mariano

What is Chicks in the Office about?

Pop culture news changes every day, and keeping up with the Kardashians can be a full-time job. Thankfully, Chicks in the Office has your back.

Ria Ciuffo and Fran Mariano, hosts of Chicks in the Office, discuss all things celebrity gossip, from television show recaps to new celebrity relationships and breakups. On the podcast, Ria and Fran share opinions and keep listeners informed on the most trending news traveling around the industry.

Why subscribe to the Chicks in the Office podcast?

Listeners absolutely can’t get enough of celebrity gossip. Chicks in the Office is the TMZ of Barstool sports, giving listeners exactly what they want, from updates on major celebrities like Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber to answering direct questions straight from the fans of the show.

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6. The Dave Portnoy Show

The Dave Portnoy Show podcast logo barstool sports

Hosts: Dave Portnoy

What is The Dave Portnoy Show about?

What’s there to say about Dave Portnoy that you already don’t know as a fan of Barstool sports? Dave’s the founder, president and chief content officer at Barstool. Alongside Erika Nardini, CEO of Barstool sports, his contributions to the Barstool Sports podcasting company greatly influence the success of all the shows.

The Dave Portnoy Show helps listeners keep up with Dave Portnoy’s busy life, detailing everything from what’s happening in the Barstool office to giving his opinion on trending pop culture topics.

Why subscribe to The Dave Portnoy Show podcast?

With more than one million followers on twitter, Dave Portnoy is by far the most popular representative for Barstool Sports. His life is interesting, to say the least, packed with everything from running a business to being a victim to identity theft.

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7. Schnitt Talk

Schnitt Talk podcast logo barstool sports

Hosts: Ellie Schnitt and Alanna Vizzoni

What is Schnitt Talk about?

Navigating the 21st century as a 20-something woman is an adventure. So much about female culture has changed that no one before has ever had to deal with.

Schnitt Talk is a podcast offering women advice about everything from sorority house horror stories to how to demand equal rights in the workplace and everyday life. Ellie Schnitt and Alanna Vizzoni share insightful conversations for blossoming young women growing up in the modern culture.

Why subscribe to the Schnitt Talk podcast?

It’s tough enough to be a 20-something-year-old in a world filled with burgeoning social change and globalization. It’s even harder to be a young woman

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8. Red Line Radio

Red Line Radio podcast logo barstool sports

Hosts: Dave “White Sox Dave” Williams, Michael “Barstool Carl” Sterk

What is Red Line Radio about?

Baseball in Chicago is almost like a religion. If you’re from Chicago and aren’t a fan of either of their baseball clubs, people may question your residency.

Red Line Radio is an engaging sports podcast as an extension of the baseball culture in Chicago, packed with passion, lively discussion and news about all things baseball peppered with news about other major sports content.

Join blogger-turned-podcast-hosts White Sox Dave and Barstool Carl as they discuss the latest happenings in baseball, from management changes to trades and upcoming prospects.

Why subscribe to the Red Line Radio podcast?

Baseball is America’s greatest past time, and for good reason. The buildup and excitement that comes from a walk-off Grand Slam in the bottom of the ninth inning when there are two outs and two strikes during the world series is unmatched in any sport.

Red Line Radio is a hilarious baseball podcast offering insightful conversations and interviews with a Chicago biased featuring two charming hosts from Barstool Sports.

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