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Bear Grease Earns Podcast of the Week

It’s not every day that you’ll meet someone with a resumé that would leave even Bear Grylls impressed – but what’s amazing is there are a handful of people with expertise and insights into a world not many city folks know about.

If you’re a fan of the great outdoors and American history, you’ll absolutely love listening to Clay Newcomb’s narrative amazing storytelling on Bear Grease.

Congratulations to Bear Grease for earning the podcast of the week award.

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What’s the podcast about?

Bear Grease is a storytelling podcast sharing the lives of amazing experts in hunting, biology, and anthropology – you’ll also find the occasional expert in living life as a hillbilly, making for exceptionally entertaining banter between southern accents.

Its host, Clay Newcomb, weaves compelling narratives with well documentary-style interviews with his outstanding guests to share with listeners a side of America not many have the fortune to experience.

Not only does each episode explore something unique, Bear Grease is charmingly funny. Listeners can expect conversations about specialized skills not many people are familiar with, like animal tracking, voice calling, and bear hunting.

Why subscribe to the Bear Grease podcast?

At its heart, Bear Grease is an exploration into rural American history, filled with wild animals, hunters, and – of course – bear grease. The common theme listeners can find on the podcast is the focus on showcasing the relationship between humans and the land they inhabit, living with nature.

If you’re a fan of surviving the great outdoors and exploring unique skills humans use to interact with their environment, you won’t want to miss this podcast.

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