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Witches and sorcerers are commonplace in modern movies, television shows and fiction books. You’ll find them in everything from popular Marvel movies to young adult novels. In fact, witches are so popular, you’ll have a hard time discovering a modern movie without some semblance of magic or mystique.

Our podcast of the week takes a deeper look into the stories that feature the most widely known spell-casting characters, giving audiences an in-depth analysis of where these characters come from and their influence on modern popular culture.

Congratulations to Bedknobs and Broomflicks for earning podcast of the week for July 27, 2020.

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What’s this podcast about?

As more movies and television shows adopt common tropes referencing witches and warlocks, their characters constantly evolve with the times. While many of the characters resemble common traits found among all spell casters, many in popular culture take inspiration from stories from the past, both based on imagination and true stories.

Bedknobs and Broomflicks is a podcast that takes an in-depth look into the characters resembling magic-practitioners in films, television series and other fiction, unraveling tidbits and fun facts about them.

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Witches and spellcasters have quickly grown in popularity over the years, having evolved from common folklore to some of the most popular characters of our time. Discovering the origins of these witches can be fascinating and enlightening, to say the least.

Linda and Jane are two charming and funny hosts opening the conversation on everyone’s favorite magical movies, from Sleeping Beauty to Hocus Pocus.

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