12 Best Podcast for Parenting in 2020

Becoming a parent isn’t easy. New parents especially have a hard time finding their way of raising their children. What’s more, it only gets more hectic as young ones turn to toddlers, and then to young adults.

Don’t feel discouraged! Even veteran parents struggle too. That’s where these podcasts for parenting come in.

These seasoned experts are in the trenches with their children, leading the way in helping listeners become better parents. We’ve gathered 12 of our favorite podcasts for moms and dads everywhere to help you raise your children with confidence.

1. Mom and Dad are Fighting

Mom and dad are fighting podcast logo

Hosts: Rebecca Lavoie, Jamilah Lemieux and Dan Kois

What is this podcast about? Mom and Dad Are Fighting shares advice from their first-hand experience as parents. This podcast reviews the triumphs and failures of parenting to help listeners avoid, or at least anticipate, the hardships that come with raising toddlers into teens.

Each episode dives into questions submitted by the listeners, offering advice and insights on topics related to parenting. The diverse group of hosts each brings a unique perspective, always adding to the conversation and giving listeners much more food for thought.

What we like about this podcast: Every episode features real-life stories and experiences about the hosts and their children. Listeners get in-depth insights on everyday decisions, from which pair of diapers to choose to how to deal with rising stress as a parent.

those choices by listening to recollections from the hosts.

2. The Boob Group

The Boob Group podcast logo

Hosts: Leilani Wilde, Priya Nembhard, Sunny Gault and Robin Kaplan

What’s this podcast about? Broadcasting from the Birth Education Center in San Diego, The Boob Group are parents that share their expertise in nursing and all things associated with having and raising a baby.

What we like about this podcast: The podcast invites professionals and experienced moms to share their insights on parenting, from giving advice about the top nursing facts to offering ways to deal with the difficulties of parenting.

3. One Bad Mother

One bad mother podcast logo

Hosts: Theresa Thorn and Biz Ellis

What’s this podcast about? One Bad Mother is a comedy podcast about life after giving life. Thorn and Ellis host off-the-cuff interviews with other awesome moms. Each episode revolves around a specific parenting topic, from knowing how much sleep we need to traveling with children.

What we like about this podcast: These parents take a refreshingly real approach to parenting, like having a full-blown discussion about how going camping with babies can suck.

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4. The Longest Shortest Time

The Longest Shortest Time podcast logo

Hosts: Andrea Silenzi (formally hosted by creator Hillary Frank)

What’s this podcast about? The Longest Shortest Time is a parenting show for everyone. While the show is grounded in parenting topics, subjects range from transracial adoption to viral videos about motherhood and nursing.

What we like about this podcast: The team behind The Longest Shortest Time is genuinely passionate about what they do. Every episode is well-produced and polished, making for an enjoyable commute.

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5. Unruffled

Respectful Parenting: Jane Lansbury: Unruffled podcast logo

Hosts: Jane Lansbury

What’s this podcast about? Respectful Parenting: Jane Lansbury Unruffled is a podcast that helps parents work through common issues that come with parenting, everything from changing diapers to positive ways to discipline your children. Episodes draw questions from listeners, exploring topics that aim to calm anxious parents and offer insights.

What we like about this podcast: Jane speaks directly to her audience, inspiring her listeners to become better parents each day. She offers real-world, actionable advice that parents can use in their own lives.

This podcast publishes about every two weeks. You’ll find the latest episodes of Respectful Parenting: Jane Lansbury Unruffled on Bullhorn.fm.

6. Spawned with Kristen and Liz of Cool Mom Picks

Spawned with Kristen and Liz of Cool Mom Picks podcast logo

Hosts: Kristen Chase and Liz Gumbinner

What’s this podcast about? Spawned with Kirsten and Liz of Cool Mom Picks is a fun, eye-opening podcast that discusses topics on parenting culture. They discuss topics from how to help your children learn about money to time-saving hacks. What started as a labor of love for these two evolved into a full-time job helping parents all around the world.

What we like about this podcast: Spawned is a practical, modern podcast sharing up-to-date tips on ways to become a better parent.

You’ll find more Spawned podcasts on Bullhorn.fm.

7. The Modern Mamas Podcast

The Modern Mamas podcast logo

Hosts: Laura Wilder and Jess Gaertner

What’s this podcast about? The Modern Mamas podcast is a laid-back audio show offering advice to help not just parents but all adults, too. Laura and Jenn are especially enthusiastic about community engagement, organizing retreats and frequently inviting guests to the show.

What we like about this podcast: Both Laura and Jess are passionate about what they do. Each guest they invite to the show brings a fresh perspective on parenting and life, helping to bring value to listeners in more ways than one.

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8. AT Parenting Survival

AT Parenting Survival Podcast logo

Hosts: Natasha Daniels

What’s this podcast about? AT Parenting Survival podcast dives into serious subjects about parenting, from how to handle siblings that fight to developing good incentives to get kids to work on their anxiety or OCD.

Guests offer expert insights from scientific reports on real-world issues, helping listeners make more educated decisions on how to raise their children.

What we like about this podcast: Natasha’s calm personality makes each episode a pleasure to listen. Her AT Parenting Community is engaging and active, which listeners a place to talk with other parents facing similar issues.

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9. Coffee + Crumbs

Coffee + Crumbs podcast logo

Hosts: Indiana Adam,Ashlee Gadd, April Hoss, Abbigail Kriebs and Sonya Spillmann

What’s this podcast about? Coffee + Crumbs is made up of a team of moms that cover various topics that help parents navigate through life with children. Topics vary from dealing with FOMO (fear of missing out) as a mother to conversations we would have with ourselves before motherhood.

What we like about this podcast: We love the diverse team behind Coffee + Crumbs because it gives listeners a wide perspective of motherhood. Each conversation isn’t exactly about how to raise children, but more how to deal with becoming a parent and all the cultural changes that come along with it.

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10. Super Mamas

Super Mamas podcast logo

Hosts: Bricia and Paulina

What’s this podcast about? Super Mamas is hosted by the pair of Spanish-speaking sisters Paulina and Bricia. They share their experience as young bi-lingual mothers learning to raise their children.

The topics they discuss on the podcast range from entrepreneurship to working through guilt as a mother. Episodes often feature parenting experts who offer insights and talk about initiatives to help children grow up to be respectable adults.

What we like about this podcast: Super Mamas is a refreshing podcast offering a different perspective on raising children and parenting. The chemistry between these two sisters moves the conversation forward and offers an off-the-cuff discussion about coping with life as parents. If you’re a Spanish-speaking parent, you’ll adore Super Mamas.

The latest episodes of Super Mamas are on Bullhorn:

11. Comfort Food

Comfort Food podcast logo

Hosts: Amy Palanjian and Virginia Sole-Smith

What’s this podcast about? Comfort Food is a podcast that comes from the blog Yummy Toddler Food. This podcast discusses the joys and frustrations that come with feeding our families, especially the young ones.

What we like about this podcast: We absolutely love that the podcast revolves around food, talking about everything from breastfeeding to cooking. The podcast is all about nourishing children with good food and lasting lessons.

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12. The Mom Hour

The Mom Hour Podcast logo

Hosts: Meagan Francis and Sarah Powers, mothers of eight children between the two of them

What’s this podcast about? The Mom Hour is another parenting podcast offering unique insights on life after having a child. Each discussion varies from tips for starting elementary or middle school to dating as a divorced mom.

What we like about this podcast: Megan and Sarah hosts have experience with parenting. Meagan has five children, ages 10 to 21. Sarah has three children, ages 6, 9, and 11. Between these two moms, they cover issues about parenting children from newborns to adults.

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