Best Podcasts of 2022

It’s no secret the most recent years have been wild for everyone—but despite its challenges, podcasting emerged as a silver-lining.

Did you know that 51% of all podcast listening is done at home? So, while you’re still social distancing, we have a list of favorites from last year that will instantly improve your playlist.

Here is Bullhorn’s Best Podcasts of 2022:

Garyvee Audio Experience Podcast

Best Business & Finance PodcastGaryvee Audio Experience

On the Garyvee Audio Experience podcast, Gary Vaynerchuk, social media aficionado and well-known personality throughout the internet, shares his love for entrepreneurship and self-improvement.

Listeners can expect a mix of keynote speeches on marketing and business, interviews with other popular business leaders, and conversations on how to find success in business and in life.

Check out popular episodes from the Garyvee Audio Experience on Bullhorn:

Runner-Up Nominees: Marketing Optimist, Business Casual

Las Culturistas podcast cover

Best Comedy PodcastLas Culturistas

Las Culturistas is a podcast hosted by Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang talking about today’s celebrity popular culture.

Each episode feels like getting together with your close best friends to talk about the tea for the day. Since no topic is off-limits, listeners can expect conversations around sex, politics, and everything in between.

Check out popular episodes of Las Culturistas on Bullhorn:

Runner-Up Nominees: Going Deep with Chat and JT and The Tim Dillon Show

Crime Junkie podcast cover

Best True Crime PodcastCrime Junkie

Crime Junkie may be the most popular true-crime podcast in the genre. With more than 500 million downloads over the course of its lifetime, Crime Junkie was an easy inclusion as Podcast of the Year for the category of Best True Crime Podcast.

We love everything about Crime Junkie, from its host to the way the episodes are developed. Its host, Ashley Flowers, takes a deep dive into the nitty, gritty details of each week’s case, unraveling the motives behind each crime and painting captivating imagery for the audience to envision.

Listen to popular episodes from Crime Junkie on Bullhorn:

Runner-up Nominees: Crime and Consequences

@betches podcast cover

Best Pop Culture – @Betches

Celebrities drive popular trends and influence people across the world—@Betches is a podcast covering popular culture, sharing all the juicy details, and spilling the tea.

On the podcast, you’ll hear conversations about the latest popular television series, which celebrities are dating who, and predictions on who’ll be the winner of the next bachelorette.

Check out popular episodes from @Betches on Bullhorn:

Runner-up Nominees: Call Her Daddy, 10ish Podcast

The Science of Happiness Podcast cover

Best Wellness & Fitness PodcastScience of Happiness

In a world where the global pandemic prevents people from socializing and joining in on social events, caring for one’s own mental health has become a huge priority for many, and with good reason.

The Science of Happiness is the perfect health and fitness podcast for 2020, helping countless listeners improve their own mental health through science and research.

Catch popular episodes of The Science of Happiness Podcast on Bullhorn:

Runner-up Nominee: The Strength Running

Stuff You Missed In History Class podcast cover

Best History PodcastStuff You Missed in History Class

For many, high school was a time filled with uncertainty and anxiety—history class was the least of our worries. It goes without saying that there were a few lessons you may have missed while daydreaming about the weekend.

If you’re a fan of history and love to learn about the stepping stones that led us to where we are today, you’ll know why we chose Stuff You Missed in History Class as our choice for Best History Podcast of 2020.

Listen to popular episodes from Stuff You Missed in History Class on Bullhorn:

Runner-up Nominees: Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History, History is Dank

Rabbit Hole podcast cover

Best Science & Technology: Rabbit Hole

The internet changed the world forever—Rabbit Hole is a podcast exploring the internet’s influence on culture and how people have changed because of its impact.

On the podcast, you’ll find everything from interviews with some of the internet’s most famous personalities like PewDiePie to explorations into the inner workings of YouTube and how one woman attempts to change it.

Check out popular episodes from New York Times podcast Rabbit Hole on Bullhorn:

Runner-Up Nominees: Accidental Tech Podcast, Better Product

Song Exploder podcast cover

Best Music PodcastSong Exploder

Music is poetry for the 21st century—it may sound beautiful, but not all of it makes sense right away. Song Exploder is a podcast that peels back the layers of a lyrical piece and unravels its metaphors and symbolism.

What’s amazing about this podcast is the way the podcast is produced—each episode gives the artist of the music center stages to talk about their work in a way that adds new depth behind the song’s meaning.

Listen to popular episodes of Song Exploder on Bullhorn:

Runner-up Nominees: Dissect

FiveThirtyEight politics

Best News and Politics  – FiveThirtyEight Politics

With the presidential election having taken place, 2020 was a huge year for politics. At the top of our list of must-listen-to podcasts on News and Politics is FiveThirtyEight Politics.

Nate Silver, the host of the podcast, does an excellent job of analyzing breaking news and giving listeners the details they need to draw strong conclusions on the direction of American politics.

Runner-up Nominees: Worldly

Critical Role podcast cover

Best Fiction PodcastCritical Role

No other podcast was as widely successful in reinvigorating Dungeons & Dragons and popularizing role-playing games as Critical Role.

We chose Critical Role as the Best Fiction Podcast of 2020 for its unique stories, charismatic set of characters, and amazing dungeon master, Matt Mercer.

Listen to exciting episodes from the latest campaign at Critical Role on Bullhorn:

Runner-up Nominees: Welcome to Night Vale, Hello from Magic Tavern

All Things Covered

Best Sports PodcastAll Things Covered

All Things Covered is a new podcast that was created at the tail end of 2020, just in time to make it on our list for Best Sports podcast of 2020. We chose All Things Covered because we love their approach to covering all things sports-related.

On the podcast, you’ll find its hosts, Patrick Peterson & Bryant McFadden, having conversations with big-name sports stars like DeAndre Hopkins and sports legend Shaquille O’ Neal.

Check out popular episodes from All Things Covered on Bullhorn:

Runner-up Nominees: Pardon My Take

Office ladies podcast cover

Best TV & Film PodcastOffice Ladies

The Office was originally a UK-based television series that satirized the happenings of a typical office environment.

Its American counterpart by the same title starring Steve Carell and a cast of incredibly talented actors and comedians took the United States by storm, receiving a handful of awards, including an Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series in 2006

Office Ladies gives the American television series a second breath of life, with listeners joining The Office stars Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsley as they re-watch the series and add behind-the-scenes commentary.

Listen to popular episodes from Office Ladies on Bullhorn.

Runner-up Nominees: Fake Doctors, Real Friends with Zach and Donald, How Did This Get Made

Home Cooking podcast cover

Best Indy PodcastHome Cooking

When restaurants were forced to close their doors for a period of time during the pandemic, many turned to home cooking with varying levels of success. The Home Cooking podcast gave home chefs a way to improve their cooking skills with stories of their own culinary creations.

Its hosts, Samin Nosrat and Hrishikesh Hirway, make for a wonderful podcasting duo. Samin uses his experience as the host of Song Exploder and The West Wing Weekly to guide Nosrat’s stories as a cook, teacher, and author.

Runner-up Nominee: Scriptnotes, Chilluminati

The Morning Toast podcast cover

Best Community EngagementMorning Toast

Millennial culture is quickly becoming the dominant culture in today’s society. As the boomer generation ages, Millennials are influencing everything from movies and television to sports and hip hop.

We chose Morning Toast for Best Community Engagement podcast of 2020 for its dedication to its audience. Its hosts, Claudia and Jackie Oshry, are very now, using social media and other social outlets to reach their audience.

Check out popular episodes from The Morning Toast on Bullhorn:

Runner-up Nominees: The Dave Ramsey Show