7 Best Survival Podcasts for 2020

With so many Armageddon-like scenarios popping up in television, movies and other media, everything from coronavirus outbreaks to zombie invasions, survival preparedness is becoming more popular than ever.

Survivalist experts have found a niche in the podcasting space, offering advice to listeners on how to stay prepared for impending doomsday situations. We’ve put together a list of 7 best survival podcasts to help you prepare for the end of the world.

1. The Survival Podcast

The Survival Podcast logo

Host: Jack Spirko

What is The Survival Podcast about?

How do you prepare for a blackout? What happens if an outbreak leaves you stuck in your house for a prolonged period of time?

The Survival Podcast is an audio show that helps listeners become prepared for the end of the world as we know it in all different manners. Its host, Jack Spirko, and a roundtable of guests known as his TSPC Expert Council offer advice on everything from the best survivalist items to stock up on to how to live off the grid.  

Why subscribe to The Survival Podcast?

The Survival Podcast is one of the longest-running survival podcasts to date, publishing content since June of 2008. Since then, they’ve published over 2500 episodes and have built a network of professionals offering insightful advice on the best ways to become a modern-day survivor.  

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2. The Survival Show

Hosts: David and Craig Caudill

What is The Survival Show about?

The Survival Show podcast logo

A disaster situation could strike at any moment. It’s better to be prepared and not need it than to need it and not be prepared. That’s where our next podcast comes in.

The Survival Show is a podcast that discusses different topics in survival, everything from how to train your survivalist skills to which bugs to eat during a food shortage. Craig and David help listeners gain the mindset, skills and tactical gear they need to survive nearly any crisis, emergency or disaster.

Why subscribe to The Survival Show podcast?

Having accessible tools and go-to items you’ll need during a disaster is essential to anyone’s survival. The Survival Show helps listeners by offering advice on creating survival kits of their own, helping audiences do things from choosing the right knife to fit your needs to having substantial rations that will last a prolonged period of time.

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3. Survival and Basic Badass Podcast

Survival and Basic Badass survival Podcasts logo

Host: Kevin and Chuck

What is Survival and Basic Badass Podcast about?

When a calamity happens, whether it’s a naturally occurring catastrophe or related to civil unrest, you want to be as best prepared to handle your situation.

Survival and Basic Badass Podcast talks about a host of different topics in survival, helping listeners learn about bug-out bags, first-aid, home security and much more. Their podcast has a wealth of information on helping individuals properly plan for potential threats, from floods and earthquakes to home invasions and virus outbreaks.

Why subscribe to the Survival and Basic Badass Podcast podcast?

Chuck and Kevin have quite the interesting chemistry together, able to bounce off each other’s ideas no matter how obscure the topic. Survival and Basic Badass Podcast doesn’t shy away from a topic just because it may be taboo—this show is one of only a few survival podcasts willing to talk about seemingly almost anything, everything from torture to preparing for an alien invasion.

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4. FieldCraft Survival

FieldCraft Survival podcasts logo

Host: Mike Glover

What is FieldCraft Survival about?

What better way to learn about survival tactics than listening to the experts themselves?

FieldCraft Survival is a podcast that invites specialists and survivalist veterans to share their insights on the best ways to prepare for impending disaster situations. Listeners get to hear first-hand experiences of catastrophe situations and how they’ve managed to not only survive but thrive.

Why subscribe to the FieldCraft Survival podcast?

Mike Glover is a former Special Forces sniper with a wealth of knowledge about survival tactics and defensive gear. FieldCraft Survival differs from other survival podcasts in the amount of resources available. His network of experts all come to the table with new insights to share with the audience, helping them improve their preparedness and stay one step ahead of disaster situations.

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5. Casual Preppers

Hosts: Cameron and Coby

The Casual Preppers survival podcasts logo

What is Casual Preppers about?

While there are a handful of listeners with experience in survival preparedness, most audiences aren’t familiar with what or how to prepare for a disaster situation.

Casual Preppers is one of only a few survival podcasts that helps everyone from war veterans to average joes stay prepared for anything life can throw at them. Cam and Coby take a lighthearted approach to casual catastrophe preparation, often cracking jokes and making light of calamities to make their survivalist lessons easily digestible for the average person.

Why subscribe to the Casual Preppers podcast?

Between the witty banter and laughter comes a handful of information any survivalist enthusiast should know, whether taking a casual approach or preparing for a life off the grid. Coby and Cam’s podcast is both entertaining and educational, making for the perfect podcast on preparedness.

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6. Modern Combat & Survival | Tactical Firearms | Urban Survival

Host: Jeff Anderson

Modern Combat & Survival | Tactical Firearms | Urban Survival podcasts logo

What is Modern Combat & Survival about?

Every survivalist needs to be aware of potential threats and how to protect themselves against those threats. Whether caused by a natural disaster or an aggressive wild animal, survivalists need the tools and information to stay prepared no matter what.

Modern Combat & Survival is a podcast helping listeners understand which defensive tools and tactics they need to fend off any type of danger. The podcast talks about everything from which survival gas masks work best to choosing the right firearm for your home or apartment and how to practice using it in a safe environment.

Why subscribe to the Modern Combat & Survival podcast?

Most survival podcasts teach listeners how to prepare a bug-out kit and which tools to have on hand during a natural calamity. The Modern Combat & Survival podcast focuses its attention on the defensive tactics survivalist enthusiasts will need in a threatening situation, highlighting everything from how to become a hard target for criminals to lessons on how to protect yourself against a home invasion.

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7. Prepping academy

Prepping academy podcast logo

Host: Forrest Garvin and Kyle

What is Prepping Academy about?

Most people want to be prepared for a catastrophic event but don’t know where to start.

Prepping Academy is a podcast offering guided courses that help listeners go from totally unprepared to completely independent. Forrest Garvin and Kyle, hosts of Prepping Academy, offer lessons in preparing for winter to basic preparedness, tailoring their content to everyone from the seasoned veteran to first-time preparers.

Why subscribe to the Prepping Academy podcast?

What’s great about Prepping Academy is the style the hosts deliver their survivalist tips. This podcast is very straightforward in their presentation, making it easy for anyone to learn key tips on how to stay prepared during a disaster situation.

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