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Box Office QB’s Earns Podcast of the Week

If you’re a big fan of big-time movies and amazing feats of athleticism out on the field, then you’ll want to know about our featured podcast.

Join Ryan and Jeffrey each week where they share opinions on trending sports topics and chat about the best and worst films from the silver screen.

Congratulations to Box Office QB’s for earning podcast of the week for July 19, 2021!

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What’s the podcast about?

What’s there not to love about the podcast? From the charming hosts to their amazing guests and conversation topics, Box Office QB’s is an amazing podcast with a host of insights on entertainment, sports, and movies.

One awesome thing about this podcast is the level of detail in its analysis. Ryan Schmelz and Jeffrey Gordon, hosts of Box Office QB’s, are seasoned analysts in both movies and sports. Each host backs up his opinion with strong evidence, making for compelling, thoughtful debates.

Whether the team’s having a conversation about sports or movies, they’ve got a great deal of insights that would impress even the most involved fans.

For most episodes, listeners can expect to find an in-depth analysis of a selected movie title and news and opinions on the most popular trending sports topics.

Why subscribe to the Box Office QB’s podcast?

Box Office QB’s knocks this project out of the park – their expertise in the field of sports and entertainment is impressive and forward-thinking, often sharing new, fresh ideas in a way that feels natural and enjoyable.

It’s likely that you’re a big fan of movies and sports, so we know you’ll absolutely love Box Office QB’s.

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