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Bullhorn’s 2021 Podcast Awards

Podcast of the year 2021

Podcasting is bigger than ever – with more podcast than the entire population of Houston, Texas, there are a lot of options to choose from.

Each year, we feature a handful of podcasters on Bullhorn making amazing content in the community.

Here is Bullhorn’s 2021 Podcast Awards:


Winner: GU Unfiltered

GU Unfiltered was one of the pioneers on Bullhorn, having adopted the platform as early as April 2021. Since starting on Bullhorn, he’s grown his live viewership from 10 listeners to over 150 average unique viewers per episode and over 200,000 total downloads. As a niche podcast about outdoors, UFC, and all things hunting, they’re more than deserving of our prestigious Bullhorn LIVE award.    Read More...

7 Best Survival Podcasts for 2022

With so many Armageddon-like scenarios popping up in television, movies and other media, everything from coronavirus outbreaks to zombie invasions, survival preparedness is becoming more popular than ever.

Survivalist experts have found a niche in the podcasting space, offering advice to listeners on how to stay prepared for impending doomsday situations. We’ve put together a list of 7 best survival podcasts to help you prepare for the end of the world.

1. The Survival Podcast

Host: Jack Spirko

What is The Survival Podcast about?   

8 Best Podcasts from the Ringer

The Ringer is one of the biggest podcasting networks today, with podcasts covering topics ranging from sports and movies to politics and technology.

On The Ringer network, listeners can find a collection of experts discussing the latest topics in the media. Its founder, Bill Simmons, is highly regarded as heavily influential, with over 5.8 million followers on Twitter and nearly two decades of experience covering pop culture and sports.

We’ve put together some of the most popular podcasts from his network. Here are the 8 best podcasts from The Ringer.    Read More...

8 Best Podcasts from Gimlet Radio

Gimlet Radio produces a host of podcasts that are absolute fan favorites in the podcasting industry. Beginning with StartUp in 2014, a podcast following Alex Blumberg as he begin his podcasting company, Gimlet Radio has expanded to include an assortment of titles for nearly all types of podcasting genres, everything from documentaries to stories for children.

With so many podcasts in production, we want to make sure you’re finding the best and brightest for your playlist. We’ve put together eight of Gimlet Radio’s best podcasts for 2020.    Read More...

8 Best Nutrition Podcasts of 2022

Every year, we make resolutions to live better, healthier lives by adopting sustainable diets and eating less junk food. We agree that these are excellent resolutions to help people live longer, more fulfilling lives by giving people the fuel to pursue their goals and dreams.

If you’re looking for nutrition podcasts that are going to help you kick bad eating habits and curate a diet that’s as healthy as it is tasty, we’ve got a list of podcasts for you!

Here 8 of the best nutrition podcasts to check out for 2022:    Read More...

8 Best Podcasts from Barstool Sports

Barstool Sports has quickly become one of the most listened to podcasting companies around. Many of their podcasts are hilarious and unapologetically honest, making for some of the best audio shows in all of podcasting.

If you’re looking for unique, off-the-cuff conversations with you’ll quickly find a podcast that’s right for you on Barstools long list of awesome shows.

We’ve put together a list of 8 of the best podcasts from barstool sports. Subscribe on Bullhorn.

1. Pardon My Take

Hosts: Dan “Big Cat” Katz & Eric Sollenberger, a.k.a “PFT Commenter”    Read More...

8 Best Motivational Podcasts in 2022

With the New Year comes a host of resolutions and promises to become better. Motivational podcasts are synonymous with helping people change their mindsets and pursue a lifestyle that’s both fulfilling and enjoyable.

At Bullhorn, we love the idea of using podcasts to improve your health and happiness. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 8 of the best motivational podcasts you should be listening to in 2022.

1. The Mindset Mentor

Hosts: Rob Dial

What is The Mindset Mentor about?

Rob Dial’s father was an alcoholic who passed away when Rob was 15. Though devastating, this led Rob to pursue a career in public speaking, helping others deal with traumatic events in a constructive and rewarding way.     Read More...

7 of the Best NPR Podcasts in 2022

National Public Radio (NPR) is one of the biggest podcasting companies today, so it’s no wonder their audio shows are some of the most-listened-to podcasts around the world.

The team at NPR is responsible for a handful of amazing, influential podcasts changing the lives of millions everywhere, publishing well-renowned content like How I Built This with Guy Raz and Planet Money. These high-quality audio shows offer a great deal of value, helping people everywhere define the 21st century.

Here’s our list of the seven best NPR podcasts in 2022:    Read More...

Bullhorn’s 2019 Podcast Staff Picks

2019 has been a wonderful year for podcasts! Since we’re obsessed with listening to podcasts, we wanted to share some of our favorites from the year!

Here are our Staff Picks for our most-listened-to podcasts in 2019:

Sam’s Pick – Better Product

Hosts: Christian Beck and Anna Eaglin

What is Better Product about?

Better Product is a podcast that interviews experts in business, from entrepreneurs to CEOs, on how to build better products. The insights you’ll find on this podcast can quickly turn your lack-luster products into contemporary tools that can be used daily.    Read More...

7 Very Best Video Game Podcasts

Looking for the best video game podcasts to add to your playlist?

The video game market has grown into a multi-billion-dollar industry spanning across the globe. Video games have made such an impact on our culture, becoming a professional video game player is now a viable career path for many born after the turn of the millennium.

With so many great games coming out, we’ve also got a handful of amazing gaming podcasts every gamer should know about.

We’ve put together a list of 7 best video game podcasts for 2020    Read More...