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Tune into Nothing Personal with David Samson

Nothing Personal with David Samson podcast

Ever wonder why professional sports teams make the decisions that they do? Curious about why the Chargers moved from San Diego to LA or why Kawhi Leonard spearheads the new load-management trend in the NBA?

Our podcast of the week is a daily show that gives listeners a backstage look at sports teams and why they do what they do.

Congratulations to Nothing Personal with David Samson!

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Get More Motivation with Meta Minds

Meta Minds podcast logo

Many of us have goals and dreams we want to accomplish, but reaching those goals isn’t always easy. Success is a marathon not a sprint, and more than likely as a result of dedication and practice.

For this week’s feature on Bullhorn, we’re highlighting a self-development podcast helping listeners become the best versions of themselves.

Congratulations to Meta Minds for winning podcast of the week for November 25, 2019!

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What is this podcast about?

Meta Minds is a self-development podcast that focuses on self-awareness and improvement.     Read More...

What Adults Don’t Tell You Before You Adult

What Adults Don't Tell You Before You Adult podcast logo

There’s no handbook to adulthood. At around the age of 20, many find themselves suddenly thrusted into a world filled with obligations. They find themselves responsible for everything from paying bills to having valuable opinions that contribute to their community.

Our winner for this week is a podcast that helps listeners find solutions to many common problems people coming of age face.

Congrats to What Adults Don’t Tell You Before You Adult for being selected as our Podcast of the Week!

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Win Big with the Fantasy Podcast Study Minute

Study Minute logo

What’s the best way to optimize your daily fantasy line-ups? By following the best managers, analyzing their picks and choosing a strategy that works.

Our podcast of the week for November 11, 2019 helps listeners find strategies that work and learn the best ways to win in daily fantasy sports.

Congrats to the fantasy podcast Study Minute for being a fan favorite!

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What’s Study Minute about?

Study Minute is a daily fantasy podcast offering advice, strategies and reporting on the latest news in fantasy sports. Manny shares his expertise on the NFL and NBA, helping listeners adjust their line-ups and win big-time rewards on apps like Draftkings and Fanduel.    Read More...

Have You Had Your Morning Toast with Jackie and Girl With No Job?

The Morning Toast podcast logo

A Hilarious Podcast Reporting on the Latest Celeb Gossip!

News travels fast. If you take a day off from listening to celebrity gossip, you’ll miss out on the latest news about who’s having a baby, which celebrities are getting a divorce and who’s the latest to make headlines.

Thanks to the hosts of our featured podcast of the week, fans of celebrities can get the top five most relevant news for the day before they even take a bite of their morning toast.

Congratulations to Morning Toast for earning Podcast of the Week.

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Explore the Sounds of Horror with PseudoPod

PseudoPod podcast logo

Ghastly ghouls, terrifying ghosts and mysterious aliens – if you’re looking for the perfect podcast featuring spooky tales for a night filled with frightful screams, then you’ve come to the right place.

Capping off our final feature for October, we have a long-standing podcast that’s been producing quality content since 2006, giving listeners roughly 13 years of chilling stories that will leave you goosebumps!

Congratulations to PseudoPod for winning Podcast of the Week!

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Enjoy Chilling Stories with Tales to Terrify

tales to terrify podcast logo

Want more spooky tales that will make chills run down your spine? Our podcast of the week features a collection of submission-based horror short stories that will leave you checking underneath your bed for the boogeyman and things that go bump in the night.

Congrats to Tales to Terrify for being ghoulishly awesome!

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What’s This Podcast About?

Tales to Terrify is a collection of wonderfully rich stories of horror and escape. Subscribers get a wide range of unique tales, everything from post-apocalyptic science fiction to present-day stories based on real-life events, all sure to make the hairs on the back of your neck and forearms stand up.    Read More...

Get Spooky With Real Ghost Stories Online

Real Ghost Stories Online Podcast logo

Whether or not you believe in ghosts, there’s no doubt that many around the world do. Some would even say that they have had a paranormal experience.

Our podcast of the week invites listeners to share their personal experiences with ghost on their show in an intimate conversation.

Congratulations to Real Ghost Stories Online for its relentless dedication to bringing podcast listeners the spookiest true ghost tales around!

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What is Real Ghost Stories Online about?

Many can recount a moment in their life where they felt an eerie ambiance in the air. Maybe a figure they couldn’t quite catch zooms pass the corner of their eye or maybe they heard a sound from an adjacent room when they were home alone – people all over the world can recount times that brought chills running through their spine.    Read More...

Unravel the Mysteries of Limetown – Podcast of the Week!

When a town of over 300 people mysteriously disappears, it makes for an incredibly captivating podcast miniseries.

For our featured podcast of the week, we’re highlighting a long-time favorite that’s getting some recent buzz from their new television series on Facebook.

Congrats to Limetown for winning our podcast of the week!

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An Exciting Investigation into a Unique Alternate Reality

Limetown is a fiction series that follows the character Lia Haddock, voiced by Annie-Sage Whitehurst. Lia is a reporter with American Public Radio investigating the mysterious disappearance of over 300 people from a place called – you guessed it – Limetown.     Read More...

Podcast of the Week: StartUp by Gimlet Media

Planning to start a business? To have the best chances of success, you want advice from successful business owners and entrepreneurs that have been there before.

For this week’s feature, we have a podcast that went from documenting their startup journey as podcasting company to researching other young companies and creating audio exposés that are filled with exclusive interviews and conversations.

Congrats to StartUp by Gimlet Media for earning Podcast of the Week!

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