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Bullhorn highlights a selected podcast of the week to help listeners find the best and brightest podcasts today.

Looking for a podcast that’s going to will make you laugh or teach you a thing or two? We’ve collected many fan favorites to highlight each week as our podcast of the week to help listeners create a playlist that’s perfect without haven’t to waste time sifting through catalogs.

Each week, Bullhorn selects a podcast that’s doing awesome things with their content. Whether you’re a podcast veteran or a newly minted podcast, you’re a candidate for winning podcast of the week.

We feature all types of podcasts, everything from self-improvement and health to comedy and news. No podcasts are excluded when selecting the best and brightest podcasts to highlight on our podcast of the week!

What’s more, we even host a monthly contest for our Twitter followers to self-submit their podcasts where we can listen and consider as one of the better independent podcasts published today. No matter what category your podcasts, you could easily be the next podcast of the week for Bullhorn.

Podcasts that have been selected as a podcast of the week may also be selected as one of our “best-of” podcasts, where we collect several podcasts of a specific category to highlight as one of the podcasts we believe produce some of the best content out there today.

Browse through our lists of previous winners and find a podcast that will surely make your podcast playlist each week.

Nerdy Bitches Earns Podcast of the Week!

Nerdy Bitches Podcast logo

Over the last few decades, we witnessed nerd culture become increasingly more popular, and with good reason. Nerds are awesome! Women nerds, however, have been historically underrepresented.

Thanks to our featured podcast, women nerds everywhere can rejoice!

Our podcast of the week is a semi-regular show exploring geeky culture through the eyes of two very experienced nerdy girls.

Congratulations to Nerdy Bitches for earning podcast of the week of January 27, 2020!

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Your Podcast or Mine Earns Podcast of the Week

Your Podcast or Mine logo

With more podcasts than ever, it’s hard to find a podcast that’s right for you.

For our podcast of the week, we have an audio show that highlights a few fan favorites, helping listeners find and curate a playlist that’s just for them.

Congratulations to Your Podcast or Mine for earning podcast of the week for January 20, 2020!

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Hosts: Sherry

What is Your Podcast or Mine about?

Your Podcast or Mine is an interview podcast that invites creative hosts from other indy podcasts to share details about what makes their podcast so entertaining.     Read More...

Killer Rabbit is our Podcast of the Week!

Killer Rabbit podcast logo

Can’t get enough laughter, silliness and British accents? Neither can we!

Our featured podcast for the second week of January is a comedy show that comes all the way from Yorkshire in England, packed with witty banter, original tunes and a whole lotta British jargon.

Congratulations to Killer Rabbit for winning our podcast of the week!

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What is Killer Rabbit about?

The Killer Rabbit podcast is an off-the-cuff scenic detour from modern media. On the podcast, you’ll find a hodgepodge of conversations that will have you rolling with laughter while at the same time scratching your head wondering if they really said that—spoiler alert, they did.    Read More...

Congratulations to Duolingo Spanish Podcast

Duolingo Spanish Podcast logo

Learning a new language takes more than just memorizing vocabulary and repeating words.

To get the best grasp of a foreign language like Spanish, you’ll want to dive deep into the cultures that use Spanish as their primary language every day and understand its origins.

Our podcast of the week helps English speakers learn Spanish by sharing real-life stories to add context to the language and immerse learners into Spanish-speaking cultures.

Congratulations to Duolingo Spanish Podcast for winning podcast of the week!    Read More...

Congrats to Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know

Stuff They Don't Want You to Know podcast logo

Are aliens real? Is the government hiding something they don’t want you to find out?

Our podcast of the week takes a deep dive into the stories and conspiracies of our history, giving listeners a look behind the curtains of our hidden society.

Congrats to Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know on making Podcast of the Week!

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What is Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know about?

At the slightest mention of the Illuminati, conversations become riddled with questions—who’s part of the Illuminati? What influence have they had on our society today? People are naturally curious about the parts of our world that are actively hidden from the masses.    Read More...

Subscribe to the 10ish Podcast

10ish podcast logo

Ever wonder what are the strongest animals on earth? Or what about a top-ten list of the most common phobias?

Our podcast of the week collects the top-ten lists for all sorts of topics, from the best-selling book franchises of all time to the deadliest jobs in America.

Congratulations, 10ish Podcast!

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What is the 10ish Podcast about?

People are naturally curious. It’s no wonder why so many of us are attracted to top-ten lists.

The 10ish Podcast is an audio show that collects data on a few of the most fascinating inquiries we would ever want to know as humans and presents that content in an engaging, entertaining manner.    Read More...

Listen to Women Conquer Business!

Women Conquer Business logo

Looking to join other women in their efforts to close the wage gap and fight against inequalities in the workforce?

Several studies have shown that women-led businesses often receive less funding when compared to businesses run by men. However, the success rates of companies run by women are much higher according to Jen McFarland, host of Women Conquer Business.

Our podcast of the week features interviews with successful women in businesses from all around the world.

Congrats to Women Conquer Business!   

Check out The Punies by Kobe Bryant

The Punies by Kobe Bryant podcast logo

One of the best ways to raise children to become respectful and independent as adults is to get them involved with sports.

Playing sports can be a rewarding and humbling experience. Sports can be a teacher of many life lessons, like how to work with others as a team and the value of hard work.

Our featured podcast of the week is about a group of kids growing up together and the lessons they learn as they win and lose in different sports like baseball and basketball.

Here is the Punies by Kobe Bryan!   

Tune into Nothing Personal with David Samson

Nothing Personal with David Samson podcast

Ever wonder why professional sports teams make the decisions that they do? Curious about why the Chargers moved from San Diego to LA or why Kawhi Leonard spearheads the new load-management trend in the NBA?

Our podcast of the week is a daily show that gives listeners a backstage look at sports teams and why they do what they do.

Congratulations to Nothing Personal with David Samson!

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Get More Motivation with Meta Minds

Meta Minds podcast logo

Many of us have goals and dreams we want to accomplish, but reaching those goals isn’t always easy. Success is a marathon not a sprint, and more than likely as a result of dedication and practice.

For this week’s feature on Bullhorn, we’re highlighting a self-development podcast helping listeners become the best versions of themselves.

Congratulations to Meta Minds for winning podcast of the week for November 25, 2019!

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What is this podcast about?

Meta Minds is a self-development podcast that focuses on self-awareness and improvement.     Read More...