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How to Start a Podcast in 2020

Gold Condenser Mic for Podcasts

With podcasting becoming increasingly more popular, there’s really no better time to start your podcast than now.

It’s a known fact that in 2019 people loved listening to podcasts. With this continuing trend, we could be looking at another media revolution similar to the way YouTube revolutionized user-generated video content. Podcasts are shaping out to be the next mass-reaching medium where everyday creatives can produce content for interested audiences that find value in listening.

You may have thought about starting a podcast in the past, but you just didn’t know where to start. That’s ok. Getting started with your podcast is actually an easy process—it just takes a few steps.    Read More...

How to Listen to Podcasts Without Using Data


If you’re like us, you love listening to podcasts. Unfortunately, you’re not always around Wi-Fi, so you may need to depend on other ways to stream your content. You want to know how to listen to podcasts without using data.

With limited data, podcast streaming can become costly. By the end of the month, not only have you gone over your data, you’ve probably used up some of your parent’s data, too!

What you want is a way you can listen to your podcasts offline without using data. You want to know how to listen to podcast in the car, on a plane or wherever you go. Most are familiar with downloading podcasts onto an app, but there’s another way to listen to podcasts without using data that’s easy and free known as Call-to-Listen.    Read More...