Chilluminati Podcast

Chilluminati Earns Podcast of the Week!

The world is filled with mysteries and secrets begging to be uncovered. Our featured podcast takes a dive into the deep depths of the unknown.

Mike Martin, Alex Faciane, and Jesse Cox, hosts of the Chilluminati Podcast, explore the stories a lot of us are dying to uncover.

If you’re anything like the hosts of this podcast and find yourself behind your computer past midnight knee-deep in internet research, you won’t want to miss out!

Congratulations to the Chilluminati Podcast for earning podcast of the week for May 17, 2021.

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What’s the podcast about?

Chilluminati is a podcast that explores the dark depths of the unknown. On each episode, you’ll find the hosts sharing stories related to the main topic and giving listeners more insight into creepy cults, serial murder mysteries, and conspiracy theories.

Though the topics can be dark and ominous, the hosts take a chill approach to analyzing these events. Episodes are both surprising and hilariously entertaining. You’ll frequently find yourself laughing at the crew’s satire and sarcasm.

As enjoyable as each episode is, listeners can expect a handful of insights the average conspiracy theorist won’t have.

Why subscribe to the Chilluminati Podcast?

What’s great about Chilluminati’s podcast is its diversity. While many episodes focus on popular conspiracies, like stories about the Roswell Incident and the Latin cryptid Chupacabra, you won’t find the hosts short on unique material – you’ll find stories about the dark corners of the internet and cults who died from dancing.

With over 100 episodes available from Chilluminati, there’s sure to be a handful of conspiracies that each type of listener can enjoy.

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