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Code Switch Earns Podcast of the Week

If you are looking for a way to understand or participate in the national conversation about racism and social injustice, you can start here.

For this week’s featured podcast, we’re exploring the history and experiences behind the hashtags and protests. Code Switch is a podcast by a panel of journalists of color working towards enlightening and educating listeners.

Congratulations to Code Switch for earning podcast of the week for June 8, 2020.

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What’s Code Switch about?

From the birth of the colonies that would become the United States of America up through the present day, Africans and African Americans have been a part of this country.

Even after the Trans-Atlantic slave trade ended in 1865 and school segregation was ruled unconstitutional in 1954, the United States is still experiencing the residual effects that came from the antiquated ideologies of a nation divided by entitlement, privilege and the color of one’s skin.

In a time where facts and opinions can be shared in an instant through social media, there are millions of individual conversations about social justice issues happening simultaneously. It can be understandably daunting to participate in a hard conversation with someone bringing generations of experience to the table.

NPR’s Code Switch is unapologetically opening the discussion on race and continuing the dialogue on how we can work together to bring an end to social and racial injustice in America and around the world.

Why subscribe to the podcast?

Listening to a podcast can be an easy and fun way to take a deep dive into unfamiliar topics. The national conversation on racism is trending and many people are wondering why. If your history class talked about the civil rights movements of the past but didn’t get into great detail, this podcast can help bring you up to date.

Covering topics like pop culture and sports in addition to politics, Code Switch explores how the founding ideals of the US, recent history, and current events interact to create today’s experiences and challenges.

If you’re looking for an intelligent, well-researched podcast discussing topics related to racial and social injustice, you’ll definitely want to subscribe to Code Switch.

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