Crimes and consequences podcast

Crimes and Consequences Earns Podcast of the Week!

True Crime is one of the most popular genres in podcasting, and with good reason. True Crime podcasts are thrilling, surprising, and downright entertainment—and our featured podcast is no exception.

If you’re a fan of listening to criminal cases that leave you at the edge of your seat, you’ll absolutely love this week’s feature.

Congratulations to Talia and Tonya with Crimes and Consequences for earning podcast of the week for Monday, July 21.

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What’s the podcast about?

Crimes and Consequences is a hardcore true crime podcast with an emphasis on revealing the gritty details.

Almost every crime scene is messy, and Crimes and Consequences hosts Talia and Tonya leave no stone left unturned when giving listeners the story behind the crime. Each episode is as detailed as they are gruesome, leaving listeners stunned by the results of the events with a good understanding of the crime’s timeline.

What sets this podcast apart from others is its hosts, Talia and Tonya. Their experience as an attorney gives them unique expertise in human psychology that helps them deliver episodes that are heavy in unraveling the psyche behind criminals and murderers.

Many of the episodes recollect the series of events in a narrative-style of delivery, walking listeners through each moment of the crime and leaving listeners stunned and excited for more.

Why subscribe to the Crimes and Consequences podcast?

If you’re a fan of True Crime, you’re probably like us – you’re always looking for more content to binge through.

Crimes and Consequences is one of the best true crime podcasts – each episode delivers an exciting, nail-biting experience that leaves listeners looking for more.

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