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Empty Inside Earns Podcast of the Week

We all go through similar life struggles. Many experience traumas that affect them into adulthood. Having open conversations about these life issues can greatly help in coping and finding ways of dealing with life’s traumas in a healthy and productive way.

Our featured podcast is a talk show hosted by former beloved Nickelodeon star from the 2007 hit sitcom iCarly.

Congratulations to Empty Inside with Jennette McCurdy for earning podcast of the week.

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What is Empty Inside about?

Jennette McCurdy is doing amazing work with her podcast. Her podcast helps to raise awareness about common social issues like mental health and eating disorders in a manner that looks to help individuals address these issues and work through their own real-life struggles.

Listeners can expect to find a range of conversation topics, including things like minimalism, finding confidence, and handling difficult emotions.

While Jennette offers great advice from time to time, her guests are often in command of the conversation. That’s because most of the guests invited to the podcast are experts in their field or have significant experience with the topic of the episode.

Guests you can expect joining the podcast include bestselling author and Harvard psychology professor Susan David, Olympic runner and bobsledder Lolo Jones, and This American Life editor and Yale Graduate Susan Burton.

Why subscribe to the Empty Inside podcast?

Jennette McCurdy has grown a lot since co-starring on the hit Nickelodeon Channel television series iCarly. On her podcast, Empty Inside, she shares some of what she’s learned over the years dealing with her own issues with mental health.

The conversations Jennette has with her guests are very important and can help others experiencing something similar.

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