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Enjoy Chilling Stories with Tales to Terrify

Want more spooky tales that will make chills run down your spine? Our podcast of the week features a collection of submission-based horror short stories that will leave you checking underneath your bed for the boogeyman and things that go bump in the night.

Congrats to Tales to Terrify for being ghoulishly awesome!

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What’s This Podcast About?

Tales to Terrify is a collection of wonderfully rich stories of horror and escape. Subscribers get a wide range of unique tales, everything from post-apocalyptic science fiction to present-day stories based on real-life events, all sure to make the hairs on the back of your neck and forearms stand up.

Each guest writer immerses listeners into their stories with well-written prose detailing beautifully described settings and wildly believable characters. With every story, a guest narrator expertly takes listeners through a frightening journey into the supernatural and insane.

The founder of Tales to Terrify, Lawrence Santoro, started the podcast back in 2012. The team continues Larry’s legacy posthumously, keeping to the same chilling style that has made the podcast the success it is today.

Since 2012, the podcast has published over 400 episodes, featuring notable authors such as Bruce Boston, Nina Kiriki Hoffman and Stephen King.

Why Subscribe to Tales to Terrify?

On Tales to Terrify, the host, Drew Sebesteny, sets the mood by welcoming listeners with a combination of eerie sounds effects and background music. Each hour-long episode of spooky stories and horrifying tales are perfect for a misty night around the campfire or a frightful sleepover.

Stories thrust listeners into each thrilling adventure by well-performing narrators that bring the stories to life.

Fans of the podcast can count on episodes released weekly, each featuring more than one short story.

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