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Espooky Tales Earns Podcast of the Week

Every culture has a deep history of folklore—some more espookier than others.  

For this week’s featured podcast, we’re showcasing a new audio show that focuses on telling paranormal stories passed down through Latin ancestry.

Congratulations to Espooky Tales for earning Podcast of the Week for February 1, 2021.

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Espooky Tales is a podcast bringing listeners Latinx folklore, legends, and explorations into the paranormal. What makes this podcast unique is its focus on folklore originating from Latin roots. Its hosts, MJ and Christina, deliver each story in a very casual, naturally sounding manner, making for cozy, intimate storytelling.

Each episode uncovers tales related to the legend or folklore of the week. Their delivery makes it easy for listeners to follow along with each story and become immersed in the Espooky Tales.

MJ and Christina do an excellent job of researching the folklore for the week and sharing their own experiences or other true stories they’ve found through their research.

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These charming hosts have very strong chemistry with each other—their conversations make listeners feel welcomed and right at home. Their personalities really help the podcast stand out among other supernatural podcasts.

If you’re looking for a podcast that delivers amazing stories from a culture with a deep history, you’re going to love Espooky Tales

This newly minted podcast has a lot of great potential that we think more people should know about.

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