Dominate Your League with Fantasy Football Today

The excitement around NFL fantasy football is in full swing, and we know every GM wants to win their local league and earn those bragging rights—not to mention taking that sweet cash prize home.

For this week’s podcast of the week, we’re featuring Fantasy Football Today by CBS Sports, a daily NFL fantasy football podcast show that gives listeners everything from predictions to performance reviews.

Join host Adam Aizer as he invites analysts around the league to the show to find out how their fantasy picks are performing throughout the season.

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What makes Fantasy Football Today by CBS Sports unique from other fantasy football podcasts?

We’re impressed with the level of detail addressed with each episode.

This podcast gives listeners robust insights into the NFL, everything from weighing the cost and benefits of acquisitions and highlighting the ceiling potential for breakout candidates. Not only will this podcast help you draft with confidence, you’ll capitalize on sleepers, drop busts and stay ahead of your play group easily week after week.

Fantasy Football Today by CBS Sports claims they’re the only fantasy football podcast you’ll need to win your NFL league, and we hear why.

Why we love Fantasy Football Today

Fantasy general managers are all about finding the x-factor that’s going to propel their team over the competitive hump.

While this podcast covers all your typical topics, like who to draft, when to sit players and who to pick up off the waiver wire, Adam Aizer and his guests get in depth with the reasons behind their fantasy points, why players will either explode or dip throughout the season and how that can affect your chances of winning.

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