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For Nerds By Nerds Earns Podcast of the Week

Between MCU enthusiasts, Japanese anime weeaboos, and Star Wars fanatics, there’s a new generation of nerds emerging in modern culture.

If you’re a fan of comic books, Japanese animation, and everything related to popular culture, you’ll absolutely fall in love with our podcast of the week!

Congrats to For Nerds By Nerds for earning podcast of the week on June 7, 2021.

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What’s the podcast about?

Just a few decades ago, nerd culture was at its grassroots, overshadowed by athletes and jocks. In most recent years, nerd culture has grown in popularity, with fans from all walks of life emerging from the cantinas of Tatooine to the woodworks of Viridian Forest.

For Nerds By Nerds is an amazing podcast (Spider-Man pun intended) with a big emphasis on sharing conversations about all things nerd-related. Listeners can expect off-the-cuff conversations about Marvel, DC, sci-fi movies, anime, popular television, and everything in between.

Josh and Ben, hosts of For Nerds By Nerds, do a deep analysis of the movies they watch and pick apart the film, highlighting the best parts of the film and exposing the worst.

Why subscribe to the For Nerds By Nerds podcast?

FNBN is not your typical nerdy podcast. Where many podcasts will shy away from sharing their criticisms and focus only on news, For Nerds By Nerds welcomes controversy and is very open to sharing their thoughts on the latest big thing.

Josh and Ben fill the podcast with personality, witty banter, and bursts of hearty laughter. This show is definitely tailored towards adults, so make sure to put the kids to bed before hopping into an episode.

If you’re looking for a podcast that’ll scratch your itch to talk about the latest popular culture, definitely check out For Nerds By Nerds.

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