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Freaky Folklore Earns Podcast of the Week

The Yeti of the Himalayas. Aswang of the Philippines. All folklore has one thing in common – their history is deeply rooted in the cultures they originate from.

Our featured podcast is an audio show for the curious and the fans of mythical creatures and tall tales – whether to believe these stories is up to you.

Congratulations to Freaky Folklore for earning podcast of the week for December 13, 2021!

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What’s the podcast about?

Folklore represents the culture they come from in many ways, reflecting the dances and art of its people. But some folklore shows the darker, more chilling side of cultures.

Freaky Folklore is a podcast that tells the stories we hear from our grandparents, the stories about native boogiemen, ghosts, and other cryptids.

What sets this podcast apart from others in the genre is the way the tales are delivered. Its host, Carman, tells the tales in a narrative style, putting listeners close to the stories. With this style of delivery, listeners experience the stories firsthand.

Why subscribe to the Freaky Folklore podcast?

Freaky Folklore is a podcast about mankind’s horrifying legends and myths. Its style and presentation are unique, making it more than just a history or cultural podcast. Its cultural representation helps share the stories that have lived for many years as verbal folktales and given life to long-standing stories embedded in the cultures they come from.

If you’re a fan of cryptids, spooky tales, and scary stories, you won’t want to miss listening to Freak Folktales.  

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