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FriGay the 13th Horror Podcast Earns Podcast of the Week!

With October comes a slew of spooky stories, Halloween decorations and scary movies. Horror is among the most popular genres around the world, carving its place in popular culture.

For this week’s featured podcast, we’re following the horror theme and showcasing an entertaining and eclectic podcast that leaves listeners shaking in their cowboy boots.

Congrats to FriGay the 13th Horror Podcast for earning podcast of the week for October 12, 2020.

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What’s this podcast about?

Many horror-themed podcasts discuss many of the same topics related to the horror genre. Serial killers, camp stories and psychological thrillers are just a few of the subjects you’ll find many podcasts host giving their two cents about.

What makes FriGay the 13th different from other podcasts is their perspective on the horror genre. While many other creators will talk about the obvious details related to the subject, the hosts of FriGay the 13th look at topics in horror from the LGBT lens.

Not only is their analysis entertaining, their conversations are enlightening, offering listeners a new, fresh way to look at horror in both fiction and real life.

Why subscribe to the FriGay the 13th Horror Podcast?

Many people love a good scare—whether listening to podcasts about true crime or watching horror films based on real-life events.

FriGay the 13th takes the horror genre one step further by analyzing popular horror-related topics and revealing insights from a perspective that’s often underrepresented.

If you’re looking for a fun and witty podcast that talks about all things horror, you won’t want to miss FriGay the 13th.

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