Geek Peak podcast

Geek Peak Earns Podcast of the Week!

There’s never been a better time to be a geek than now.

Whether starting their nerdy journey crafting imaginative stories from within their basement-transformed pillow fort or camping outside a movie theater ahead of the premiere of the latest Star Wars film, geeks all share a common passion and love for their favorite creative content.

Our featured podcast brings together all the geeky content into one central peak – Congratulations to Geek Peak for earning podcast of the week!

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What’s the podcast about?

When joining the podcast for the first time, listeners are left with one lasting impression, “I had a great time.”

Chris, Trent, and Brandon are three really great friends having debates over geek culture – expect conversations about everything from American cartoons and Japanese anime to music, television, video games, and beer.

The podcast is entertaining to say the least while also being highly opinionated and well-versed in all things geek.

What’s great about Geek Peak is the way they enjoy content. On the one hand, its hosts can be incredibly sophisticated, having analyzed films with a great level of detail. On the other hand, Clint, Trent, and Brandon aren’t shy to express their love for a series from the sheer joy of slap stick comedy and nostalgia it brings.

Why subscribe to Geek Peak?

Whether you’re a well-seasoned nerd or a newly minted geek, Geek Peak does an amazing job representing both new and old geek culture. Fans of classics like the Star Wars saga and early 2000s Cartoon Network can get together with beer connoisseurs and horror-movie fanatics for a nostalgic stroll through all things geek.

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