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Girl Gang Earns Podcast of the Week

Being a businesswoman in today’s age is not easy. While modern culture has made great strides towards equality, women still fight every day against gender wage gaps and a long history of patriarchal biases.

Our featured podcast represents women leaders, innovators and a new generation of empowering figures.

Congratulations to Girl Gang for earning podcast of the week for November 30, 2020.

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What’s this podcast about?

Women have been historically underappreciated in business and throughout cultures across the world. Not only is there a pay gap that separates men and women, men have also had more opportunities allotted to them when compared to women. Only in most recent years has there been a rise in empowered female figures, paving the way for the next generation of women.

Girl Gang is a podcast appreciating empowered women everywhere, from fashion and publishing to marketing and television. Its host, Amy Will, invites women leaders on the show to talk about their experiences and to offer advice to listeners on how to overcome challenges.

Why subscribe to the Girl Gang podcast?

If you’re an entrepreneur, small business owner or creative leader, you’ll absolutely want to tune into this podcast. While all featured guests are women, their advice resonates across all genders, curated for all creators and business professionals. On the podcast, listeners can expect a host of enlightening conversations and discussions about overcoming challenges and seizing opportunities.

Girl Gang is an amazing podcast with a strong message—women are powerful, strong individuals capable of amazing accomplishments when given the opportunity.

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