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Girls Building Empires Earns Podcast of the Week

Building a successful brand isn’t easy. When you’re an entrepreneur, getting help from the people that have been there before can make the difference between struggling to make ends meet and living with abundance.

Our featured podcast highlights some of the most ambitious women entrepreneurs in the digital age, including amazing influencers, business owners, and organization leaders that have paved the way for other women in business.

Congratulations to Girls Building Empires for earning podcast of the week for August 16, 2021.

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What’s the podcast about?

Girls Building Empires is a podcast that highlights the lives and journeys of a handful of women that have garnered success in their career paths.

Guests range from lifestyle and fashion influencers to entrepreneurs in the fashion industry and success coaches, people who understand what it takes to achieve goals amid obstacles and challenges.

Madison Reid, host of Girls Building Empires, acts an amazing, inquisitive interviewer who gives the guests the space to tell their story. What listeners receive are in-depth conversations that are rich in insights and experiences. Guests teach audiences how to work for themselves, build their brand, and grow their businesses on their terms.

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Becoming a successful entrepreneur is a journey that comes with a handful of challenges. In many cases, running a successful business becomes an emotional experience that only those that have gone through it know what’s like.

Girls Building Empires is an amazing podcast for its transparency in leadership and entrepreneurship. You’ll find stories in success and failure, accomplishment and shortcoming – you’ll listen to stories from women with the confidence and strength to chase after their dreams and own their success.

If you’re looking for a podcast that’ll inspire you to take on your next venture, this is it!

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