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HappyGoLukky Earns Podcast of the Week!

Is there anything more fun and fulfilling than hanging out with friends and family at the round table playing tabletop games? How about joining together in creating a fun and unique story about life if it was filled with time-traveling, teleportation and superpowers.

Our featured podcast is a family-friendly audio show bringing listeners a unique way to play tabletop roleplaying games that isn’t Dungeons and Dragons.

Congratulations to HappyGoLukky for earning podcast of the week for April 27, 2020.

What is HappyGoLukky about?

Everyone loves a good story, especially one that is unique and inspiring.

The HappyGoLukky Podcast is an audio show telling the stories of Erik, Julie, Angela and Joey, four young adults that find themselves in a sci-fi-like world packed with special powers and mysteries. The characters are voiced by Mason, Hannah, Katherine and Josh, young adults ranging from 16-20, and narrated by Daniel one of the cast member’s father.

Having felt the need to fulfill a niche in the roleplaying podcast space, this father-and-son duo created an awesome, exciting fictional series that’s guided by the same mechanics as a successful roleplaying game. The podcast is unique and packed with exhilarating scenarios that leave listeners at the edge of their seats.

Why subscribe to the HappyGoLukky Podcast?

The HappyGoLukky podcast is a family-friendly podcast great for anyone. Their unique, simplified version of storytelling that makes it easy to follow along and puts the plot at the forefront of each episode.

Each member of their party brings a personality to the story that’s relatable and charming.

In addition to the main story, the hosts of the podcast often produce content highlighting different facets of the show, like an analysis of their performance or a discussion about the story itself.

The podcast is a serial show, so starting from the first episode is best if you’re looking to get the full experience. But listeners can really jump in at any point and still find the podcast enjoyable.

If you’re looking for a story-driven serial podcast that’s both exciting and family-friendly, HappyGoLukky’s the one for you!

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