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The lives of famous actors and actresses can feel extravagant and unimaginable to most, but many successful stars have a handful of stories from their lives about triumph and overcoming challenges to get to where they are today.

Our featured podcasts interviews popular Hollywood personalities, taking a deeper look into their lives and sharing exclusive insights from behind-the-scenes.

Hollywood Unscripted is our podcast of the week for August 30, 2021!

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What is the podcast about?

Hollywood Unscripted is a podcast that dives into the lives of fan-favorites actors and actresses.

Its host, Jenny Curtis, interviews amazing stars like D&D extraordinaire and widely recognized nerd-culture enthusiast Joe Manganiello and Anna Camp, co-star of Pitch Perfect and lead actress in Here Awhile.

The best part of about this podcast is the unscripted chats taking place. Each episode is as exciting as the last, uncovering details about some of the most widely known people in the world.

Why subscribe to the Hollywood Unscripted podcast?

Hollywood Unscripted looks behind the curtains and gives fans a behind-the-scenes look at their favorite actors and actresses. Listeners can expect stories they won’t find anywhere else, conversations that include how they succeeded in their profession and what it took to get to where they are today.

If you’re a big fan of movies, television, and other media, you definitely want to add Hollywood Unscripted to your playlist.

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