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Hot Flashes & Cool Topics Earns Podcast of the Week!

Those that have had the good fortune of watching their children graduate from college know what comes next—quiet weekday mornings, calm Sunday evenings and a whole lot of The Price Is Right.

Our featured podcast discusses life at and after middle-age, sharing ideas about what to do when the kids have flown the coup and the parents and grandparents have much more free time on their hands.

Congratulations to Hot Flashes & Cool Topics for earning Podcast of the Week for June 15, 2020.

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What’s the podcast about?

Becoming a parent is an exciting event that turns a person’s life upside down. But what happens after your children grow up and have children of their own? What are your duties as a grandparent and what can you do to cope with your new responsibilities—or lack of responsibilities.

Colleen and Bridgette, the hosts of Hot Flashes & Cool Topics, are two awesome podcasters helping women in midlife and beyond tackle the obstacles that come with growing maturity. With more free time than ever and having found relief from the responsibilities of raising children, middle age can be a rough transition for many—but it doesn’t have to be. Hot Flashes & Cool Topics is a podcast addressing those concerns and more on their weekly show.

Why subscribe to Hot Flashes & Cool topics?

If you’re a new grandmother or have been for some time, you will surely find a wealth of topics tailored to you. Subscribers can find discussions on everything from skincare in midlife to dating over the age of 40.

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