How to Listen to Podcasts Without Using Data

If you’re like us, you love listening to podcasts. Unfortunately, you’re not always around Wi-Fi, so you may need to depend on other ways to stream your content. You want to know how to listen to podcasts without using data.

With limited data, podcast streaming can become costly. By the end of the month, not only have you gone over your data, you’ve probably used up some of your parent’s data, too!

What you want is a way you can listen to your podcasts offline without using data. You want to know how to listen to podcast in the car, on a plane or wherever you go. Most are familiar with downloading podcasts onto an app, but there’s another way to listen to podcasts without using data that’s easy and free known as Call-to-Listen.

Here’s how you can listen your podcasts without using your data.

Download Your Podcasts

When you don’t have access to the internet, you don’t want to use your mobile data to stream podcasts.

Instead, users can download their podcasts onto their phones before commutes or leaving their home.

While downloading podcasts offers a lot of great benefits, like podcasts listening without interruptions and portability, it has its drawbacks.

When downloading podcasts, users won’t always have access to the latest episodes. If a new episode for your favorite podcast is released after you’ve downloaded your podcasts for the day, you won’t have access to that episode until you find accessible Wi-Fi.

Another drawback to downloading podcasts is data management. Not only does each podcast take up valuable space, you won’t be able to download any more podcasts if you’re camera roll is filled with selfies and pictures of cats. Users that download podcasts will need to decide what’s more important: a picture of the family on thanksgiving or listening to the latest episode of Morning Toast.

Use Call-to-Listen on Bullhorn to Stream Your Podcast

Another way to listen to your podcasts without using mobile data is by streaming your content using Bullhorn’s Call-to-Listen feature.

Call-to-Listen accesses your podcasts by dialing a phone number that is hosting the podcast you’re looking for, even the most up-to-date episodes. Users that have access to a phone line can call into any podcast listed on the database with no additional costs.

Another great thing about the feature is being able to use Call-to-Listen without having opened the app. You can save the phone number to your favorite podcast and dial in every time you know there are new episodes. Once in the conference, the latest episode of your podcast will play.

The Call-to-Listen feature also gives users dial controls, so listeners can use the touch tones to either fast forward, rewind, pause or play their content.

With more ways to listen, you’re never out of options for catching up with the latest episodes of your favorite podcasts.

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