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Infectious Groove Earns Podcast of the Week!

Music is universal—it speaks to a person’s soul and elicits an infectious feeling that makes a person want to move their body and express themselves in a manner that’s fun and exciting.

Our featured podcast is a show appreciating music from all cultures and walks of life, from rap and hip hop to country and folk music.

Congratulations to the Infectious Groove Podcast for earning Podcast of the Week for November 2, 2020.

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What’s the podcast about?

Music is special for many of us—when listening to a song from your childhood, you’ll often feel a sudden rush of nostalgia, going back to a time when that song was most played in your life.

The Infectious Groove Podcast is a show sharing conversations about all things music, from its history to its influence on modern culture.

Your hosts, Russ, Michelle and Kyle, all bring a unique and insightful perspective on music, talking about their experience with music and sharing fun facts about the artists and its impact on culture.

Why subscribe to the Infectious Groove Podcast?

If you’re a lover of music, you’ll absolutely want to subscribe to the Infectious Groove Podcast. Russ, Michelle and Kyle are incredibly charming, welcoming hosts. Their chemistry together and with their guests urges the podcast forward, bringing listeners conversations about music news and appreciation.

Infectious Groove Podcast is the perfect companion for anyone looking for jammy jams, music news and all things groovy.

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