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If you find yourself tapping your feet to a movie’s original soundtrack, singing along to the lyrics, and getting pumped up by a film’s score, you’re probably into musicals. More times than you’d like to admit you’ve used your hairbrush as a microphone and sung your heart out to the musical Rent, privately in the shower of course – and that’s ok!

Our featured podcast loves musicals just the same and welcomes people like you into their wonderful musical community.

Congratulations to It’s A Musical podcast for earning podcast of the week for May 10, 2021. 

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What’s the podcast about?

It’s A Musical is a podcast that analyzes musicals in film from the perspective of someone with a great passion for musical and someone who’s brand new to them. During each episode, a musically inclined guide takes her co-host through a host of musicals, giving listener’s the perspective from a seasoned musical connoisseur and one from a newly minted fan. 

Their dynamic makes it an incredibly insightful conversation about the movie — they talk about the plot, the characters, the setting, the expectations, and the musical’s shortcomings with a great deal of honesty. While Danny can often be very kind in regards to her review, Drew doesn’t shy away from letting listeners know how he really feels about a musical.

It’s fun to hear about a person’s first impression on a musical and compare that with another person who’s deeply embedded in the musical culture because it forces the hosts to revisit parts of the film that they may have overlooked.

Why subscribe to the It’s A Musical podcast?

If you’re a fan of musical films, you’ll absolutely love It’s A Musical. You’ll find reviews on popular movies like High School Musical, Cats, and Rent, making this an excellent accompanying podcast for both seasoned and new musical lovers.

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