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Just Na Science Earns Podcast of the Week!

What’s the difference between astronomy and astrology? How can the exotic pet trade cause future viral outbreaks like Covid-19?

Never before in history has life on earth become so clearly explained by scientific studies and discoveries. Despite how accurate we have become at defining natural phenomena using science, there is still a great deal of fake science floating around the internet.

Our featured podcast is a show dedicated to tackling bad science and correcting misconceptions that come from the internet’s miseducation.

Congratulations to Just Na Science for earning podcast of the week for May 4, 2020!

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What’s the about?

Science is everywhere. Topics in science range from astronomy to health and wellness. However, there’s a lot of discussion on science being passed over the internet that’s not all entirely true. That’s where Just Na Science comes in.

Just Na Science is a weekly podcast opening the discussion about popular scientific topics circulating the web with the goal of either proving or disproving those theories using strong evidence.

Each week, Nick and Lauren, hosts of Just Na Science, invite experts in their respective fields to discuss scientific issues from how to stay safe from Covid-19 with social distancing to proven studies on how to cultivate lasting happiness.

Why subscribe to the Just Na Science podcast?

Not only are the podcast hosts charming, each episode is highly informative. Listeners can enjoy each episode knowing the podcast is packed with tons of great discussion about true science.

Each guest invited to the show brings with them a unique perspective that adds sophistication to each conversation. Discussions often reveal insights about given topics in a manner that highlights the guest’s expertise and gives the listeners reliable information.

We love this podcast for its charismatic hosts and assortment of reliable experts.

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